Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Book Trailer for Outer Diverse by Nina Munteanu

Check out the book trailer for Nina Munteanu’s newest space adventure thriller, “Outer Diverse“. To the brooding longing notes of Rachmaninov, it previews a haunting paranormal tale of mystery and discovery …

Rhea Hawke discovers there is far more to the massacre of a spiritual sect, mysteriously linked to Dust, the contraband drug “of the gods” and a devastating prophesy of a catastrophic End of Age, triggered by the joining of twin souls. She unravels secrets of fractal geometry, deja vu, dreams and clairvoyance, multiple universes and space-time … and ultimately the greatest secret: herself …

“… a master of metaphor, Munteanu turns an adventure story into a wonderland of alien rabbit holes … a fascinating and enthralling read.”–Craig H. Bowlsby, author of Commander’s Log

You can pick up Outer Diverse at,, Barnes & Noble, Borders and other quality bookstores near you. For those of you in Toronto, Bakka Phoenix Books is carrying Outer Diverse as well as Nina’s “Darwin’s Paradox” duology (set in Toronto) and her guidebook “The Fiction Writer: Get Published, Write Now!”

Monday, November 21, 2011

SF Canada Awards $500 to Robert J. Sawyer

The 31st annual Canvention was held on November 20, 2011 at SFContario 2 in Toronto, Ontario, where Aurora Awards were presented in nine categories as voted by Canadian fans of speculative fiction. The 2011 Aurora Award for Best Novel in English went to Robert J. Sawyer for his novel Watch, along with the SF Canada Award of $500 which is presented annually in support of the Aurora and Aurora/Boréal Awards to recognize excellence in speculative literature in both Canadian languages. Robert J. Sawyer has a long history of success as an author, including American Nebula Award, Worldcon Hugo Award, John W. Campbell Memorial Award, Japanese Seiun Award, Chinese Galaxy Award, and multiple Canadian Aurora Awards. A ceremonial cheque was presented by the President of SF Canada, Steve Stanton.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nina Munteanu Launches Outer Diverse in Montreal

Nina Munteanu's newest science fiction thriller Outer Diverse was launched October 15th 2011 in Montreal at Con*Cept the day of the book's official worldwide release by Starfire World Syndicate.

Outer Diverse is the first book of the Splintered Universe Trilogy, set in and around the Milky Way Galaxy. The story begins in the first book as Galactic Guardian Rhea Hawke intestigates the massacre of an entire religious sect. Her investigation leads her into a treacherous storm of politics, conspiracy and self-discovery. Her quest for justice leads her into the heart of a universal struggle and toward an unbearble truth she's hidden from herself since she murdered an innocent man.

"a master of metaphor, Munteanu turns an adventure story into a wonderland of alien rabbit holes... a fascinating and enthralling read."--Craig Bowlsby, author of Commander's Log

"a rollicking science fiction plot with all the trappings...Hawke is a maverick in the wild west tradition...a genetic mystery with lethal powers."--Lynda Williams, author of Okal Rel series

Outer Diverse is now available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders and other great bookstores near you.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Nina's second Master Class Opens

As a result of continued pressure by new students, Nina has opened a second Master Writing Class, an informal webinar (teleseminar with computer screen streaming) for writers with a WIP and serious about getting their works published.

It runs every Wednesday at 5 pm EST. Join this Exclusive Club of writing enthusiasts for $49/month.

Sign up for Nina’s ongoing Master Writing Class on the Master Class Page on Nina's website.

For $49/month, this is what you get:

•four weekly one-hour interactive teleseminars accompanied by live webinar (computer streaming: NEW!) Nina lectures on popular writing and publishing topics, based on your submitted works, common issues, and questions from previous sessions. Topics covered and discussed are directly applicable to your personal writing challenges and interests.

•teleseminar sessions include a twenty minute telephone lecture, followed by interactive computer streaming discussion of specific topics and works directly applicable to your ongoing work. Nina “shows” and “tells”.

•facilitated discussions on the 10 most common issues faced by novice and professional writers: getting started; dealing with time management & writer’s block; getting those ideas down and making a story out of them; focusing and maintaining the staying power to finish; incorporating all the elements of good storytelling like plot, character, theme and setting into a seamless, page-turning story; making your writing compelling, clear and exciting; doing research and editing; marketing, synopses & outlines, query letters; handling rejection and fear of rejection; and overcoming fear (of failure, of success, of everything).

Eligibility Criteria & Requirements:

The Master Class is tailored for writers serious about getting published and with works in progress (e.g., first draft finished, mostly completed, firm premise and storyboard with portion written). If you do not fit these criteria, you may find that one of Nina’s other online courses or her manuscript evaluation and personal coaching is more suited to your needs.

To be eligible for the Master Class, you must submit an example of your work and agree that you are willing to persist with efforts toward publication, including the willingness to be critiqued, pursue ongoing revisions, and discussions.

The course requires that you have a computer with internet, a secure phone line, have submitted some of your work, have subscribed below, and have acquired the codes to access both conference call and live computer streaming.

Unless you have been specifically INVITED, contact Nina BEFORE you subscribe:

BEFORE you sign up, contact Nina for eligability and availability at [subject: Master Class]. In order to address each of you personally, Nina limits her class sizes. Our first class is still running at maximum. This is why Nina has opened up a new class.

The Master Class that is currently open, runs every Wednesday at 5 pm EST. There are limited spaces for Master Classes so availability will be on a first come basis. Once you successfully register and subscribe for a place in this exclusive club, you will get an email with information on how to get in on the next call. See you there!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Nina Munteanu's Angel of Chaos Finalist for Foreword Magazine's Book of the Year Award

Nina’s latest book Angel of Chaos (Dragon Moon Press) was selected as a finalist for the Foreword Magazine Book of the Year Award for 2010 in the Science Fiction category.

In 2095 Darwin’s Evolution Kills…

…In this dystopian future, Julie Crane seeks the cure to Earth’s deadliest disease. But is she its cause?…

“Angel of Chaos is … a gripping blend of big scientific ideas, cutthroat politics and complex yet sympathetic characters that will engage readers from its thrilling opening to its surprising and satisfying conclusion” —Hayden Trenholm, Aurora-winning author of The Steele Chronicles
Angel of Chaos is the first of a duology on humanity’s co-evolution with intelligent technology and intelligent nature. The second book is Darwin’s Paradox and both are available on Amazon, Chapters, and Barnes & Noble.

Finalists in the SF category include:

•2012 The Awakening by Bill Douglas
•A Dangerous Weapon by Charlton Clayes
•Angel of Chaos by Nina Munteanu
•Curse of the Legion by Marshall S. Thomas
•Destiny’s Blood by Marie Bilodeau
•Guardians of the Crystal Skulls by Lina Arena
•Our Jewish Robot Future by Leonard Borman
•Quick Fall of Light by Sherrida Woodley
•The Presence by Paul Black

Finalists were selected from 1400 entries in 56 categories. Finalists were determined by a jury of judges consisting of editors and reviewers of ForeWord Reviews, booksellers, librarians, and other industry professionals.

First, second, and third place winners will be awarded in each category. A $1,500 cash prize will also be awarded to Best Fiction and Best Nonfiction as determined by the editors of ForeWord Reviews. Finalists were announced in their weekly email newsletter, ForeWord This Week, in March 2010.

Winners in each category and overall fiction and nonfiction prize winners will be announced at Book Expo America and on the Foreword website.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


On May 15, the first ever set of the twinned Aurora/Boréal Awards was given out during the 28th Boréal convention in Montréal, along with three more Boréal awards. As chosen by a record-setting vote, the Aurora/Boréal Award for best fantasy or science fiction novel in French went to Héloïse Côté for her fantasy novel La Tueuse de dragons [The Woman Who Killed Dragons] from Alire. As part of its support for Canadian speculative fiction, SF Canada will add to the award a $500 prize; the same amount will be given to the winner of the Aurora Award for best fantasy or science fiction novel in English later this year.
Born in 1979 in Québec (QC), Héloïse Côté is a young writer who made her mark with a well-received fantasy trilogy in 2004-2006, Les Chroniques de l’Hudres [The Hudresian Chronicles]. She published a standalone novel in 2008, Les Exilés [The Exiles], before completing a more ambitious work, La Tueuse de dragons, released by her publisher, Alire, in 2010. Critics saluted a new novel that was not only a good read, but one that showed her maturity as an author by combining psychological insight with pounding action. The selection by Canadian fans of La Tueuse de dragons for the first best novel Aurora/Boréal Award now confirms the universal appeal of Côté’s fifth book.
For over 30 years, Canadian fans of speculative fiction have been voting on the Aurora and Boréal awards, to acknowledge the best of Canadian professional and fan activity in both of Canada’s official languages. In recognition of the partial merger of the Aurora and Boréal awards, SF Canada has decided to fund prizes of $500.00 each for future winners of the Best Novel category in both languages.
SF Canada was founded in 1989 as Canada’s national association for speculative fiction professionals, and was created to serve the needs of its writers, more specifically by improving communication among them, fostering a sense of community, supporting the growth of quality writing, lobbying on their behalf, and by encouraging the translation of their work. SF Canada supports positive social action.
Jean Pettigrew, who is Côté’s editor and publisher, accepts in her name the SF Canada presentation cheque from Jean-Louis Trudel, representing SF Canada.

Le 15 mai dernier, les premiers prix jumelés Aurora/Boréal ont été remis durant le 28e congrès Boréal à Montréal en même temps que trois autres prix Boréal. Suite à une participation record des inscrits, le Prix Aurora/Boréal pour le meilleur roman de science-fiction ou de fantastique en français a couronné La Tueuse de dragons, un ouvrage de fantasy d’Héloïse Côté paru chez Alire. Dans le cadre de son soutien aux genres de l’imaginaire au Canada, SF Canada a doté le prix d’une bourse de 500$. La même somme sera remise au lauréat ou à la lauréate du Prix Aurora du meilleur roman de science-fiction ou de fantastique en anglais, dont le nom sera annoncé en fin d’année.
Née en 1979 à Québec, Héloïse Côté est une jeune écrivaine qui s’est imposée avec une trilogie de fantasy pour adultes parue en 2004-2006, Les Chroniques de l’Hudres, favorablement accueillie par la critique. Elle a enchaîné avec la publication en 2008 d’un roman, Les Exilés, avant de compléter un ouvrage plus ambitieux, La Tueuse de dragons, paru chez Alire en 2010. Les critiques ont salué un livre qui non seulement procurait un bon moment de lecture, mais démontrait aussi la maturité grandissante de l’écrivaine, capable de marier les scènes d’action à la chasse aux dragons intérieurs. Le choix des fans qui ont accordé à La Tueuse de dragons le premier Prix Aurora/Boréal du meilleur roman confirme cette reconnaissance largement partagée du cinquième livre de Côté.
Depuis plus de trente ans, les fans canadiens des genres de l’imaginaire votent pour les prix Aurora et Boréal afin de rendre hommage, dans les deux langues officielles, à ce qui se fait de mieux dans les milieux professionnels et faniques d’ici. Afin de reconnaître le jumelage partiel des prix Aurora et Boréal, SF Canada a décidé de financer des prix de 500 $ chacun qui seront remis aux lauréats des prix pour le meilleur roman dans chaque langue.
SF Canada est une association canadienne de professionnels de la SF fondée en 1989. Elle a été créée afin de répondre aux besoins des écrivains canadiens dans les genres de l’imaginaire, en particulier en ce qui concerne l’amélioration des rapports et des échanges entre eux, la promotion d’un sentiment de solidarité, l’encouragement d’une amélioration continue de la qualité de la production écrite, la défense de leurs intérêts, l’encouragement de la traduction et la promotion d’une action sociale positive.
Jean Pettigrew, l’éditeur et directeur littéraire de Côté, accepte au nom de l’écrivaine le chèque de SF Canada remis par Jean-Louis Trudel au nom de l’association.

Friday, May 06, 2011

H.A. Hargreaves Work to be Published by Five Rivers

H.A. Hargreaves is one of Canada's remarkable, one might even say legendary, speculative fiction writers. He is a retired professor of English, formerly at the University of Alberta (Edmonton), and was twice nominated (1982 and 1983) for the Lifetime Contributions category in the Prix Auroras. His collection of short stories, North by 2000, in its time received wide critical acclaim from both peers and periodicals.

Today Five Rivers is pleased to announce the rebirth of that remarkable collection of short stories by Hargreaves. This new edition, entitled North by 2000+, will feature not only all the quintessentially Canadian stories of the first edition, but five additional published short works, along with a foreword from the author, and an introduction by Dr. Robert Runte.

Cover design has been awarded to Jeff Minkevics.

North by 2000+ is scheduled for release by Five Rivers early in 2012, and will be available in print and digital formats worldwide.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Bloodlight Chronicles: Retribution

Here is a sneak peek of the cover art for Steve Stanton's new novel, The Bloodlight Chronicles: Retribution, Book Two of a series that "revitalizes the cyber-fiction genre with its vivid prose and believable characters." (Library Journal) Retribution is upcoming Sept. 2011 from ECW Press in Toronto in print and epub formats.
An excerpt from the sequel, "Hedge of Protection," is upcoming in On Spec, the canadian magazine of the fantastic.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Claire Eamer sells story to Tesseracts 15

Claire Eamer's fantasy story "Ice Pirates" will appear in Tesseracts 15, the latest edition of the popular Canadian speculative fiction anthology. Tesseracts 15 is the franchise's first venture into the Young Adult market. Editors are Julie E. Czerneda and Susan MacGregor, both experienced in writing and editing fiction for young people.

Keep an eye on the Tesseracts blog, Totally Tesseracts, at, for publication details.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Nina Munteanu Teaching Writing Workshops in Halifax and South Shore, NS

Nina will be in Nova Scotia March 2011, teaching several writing workshops in Halifax and the South Shore.

Nina will also make an appearance in several Halifax schools and will be doing readings at libraries. She will also be signing her latest book Angel of Chaos at several Halifax bookstores, locations to be announced shortly on her website.

Check Nina's website,, for detailed information on workshops that include location, date, time & duration, and cost.

Courses include:

•“How to Write and Publish Science Fiction” on March 12 (through the Writers Federation of Nova Scotia)

•“The Writer’s Toolkit” on March 19 (through the Tantallon Public Library)

•“Writing the Memoir: from Idea to Research to Storytelling” date TBA (through South Shore Public Libraries)

•“10 Commandments of Fiction Writing” date TBA (through South Shore Public Libraries)