Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Writing Coach Gives Free Webinar

Nina, the Writing Coach
Author and writing coach Nina Munteanu joins editor-journalist Vernon Oikle for "Toolkit Talks", a FREE Webinar hosted by Writer's Digest University to discuss the common issues faced by writers wishing to publish. Nina shares some of her best tips on how to get published in this entertaining and very educational one-hour long conversation with award-winning newspaper editor and journalist Vernon Oikle.

Nina and Vernon cover over twenty questions posed by Writer's Digest editors on important writing topics that range from inspiration, keeping the muse, focus issues and getting started to tools of craft, marketing and promotion.

You can still register to view this free webinar and learn some of the secrets writers use to jumpstart and keep their career in upward motion. Register for Nina's free webinar by August 15, 2010 and you may be eligible for additional materials.

Click here to register and view "Toolkit Talks" on Writer's Digest University.

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