Sunday, December 20, 2009

Simon Rose joins Five Rivers' authors

Five Rivers reached an agreement last week to publish the next young adult novel from author Simon Rose, Flashback.

The novel is a reincarnation, time-travel story about young Vancouver-based Max, who finds himself a reluctant investigator into a murder that happened decades ago to David Dexter. Max’s dreams and findings lead him to people it would appear he knew in a previous life and in the end transport back in time and body into the dangerous psychic experiments during the US/Soviet Union Cold War.

Simon Rose joins Five Rivers’ conclave of authors with six children’s novels in print through Tradewind Books, an impressive list of award nominations, and literary award adjudications (the Governor General and Sunburst among them.) A Derbyshire native, Simon now makes his home in Calgary, Alberta. More information about Simon can be found through his website.

Flashback, Simon’s first young adult novel, is slated for release early in 2011.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New YouTube Post

"Waterfront" was directed by Carol McBride in 1986. Originally short in 35 mm, it stars Eva Mackey and features a gorgeous reading (and adaptation) of my short story "Memory Lapse at the Waterfront." "Memory Lapse" first appeared in New Bodies, An Anthology of Science Fiction, published by Emanation Press. (Toronto, 1981). It was rerprinted in my 2008 anthology, "After the Fires," published by Toronto's Tightrope books. Posted with permission.

Edward Willett sells YA fantasy series to Lobster Press

Edward Willett has sold The Singing Water, the first book in a planned five-book young adult fantasy series (collectively called Excalibur Reforged) set in modern-day Canada, but with Arthurian elements, to Lobster Press in Montreal.

The Singing Water, in which a teenage girl in Regina discovers she's the direct descendant of The Lady of the Lake and must take on a quest to find the first of the scattered shards of the sword Excalibur, will be out in fall of 2010.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Superhuman Fiction from Donna Farley in 1000 Faces

The Hero with a Thousand Faces......

You can read my Hallowe'en/Fairy Tale/Humour/Urban Fantasy/Superhero/YA story in the fabulous zine of Superhuman fiction, 1000 Faces online now!

In "Camellia Chameleon", a suburban kid suddenly discovers she can change parts of herself at will-- and decides she doesn't like it! But on Hallowe'en a threat to a neighborhood child forces Cam to reconsider.....

Plus many more exciting stories. The issue is also available for download to e-book or POD. See the site for details!

Monday, December 07, 2009

Sneak peak at the cover of Dave Duncan's next book

Here's the cover art for Dave Duncan's next novel, Speak to the Devil, coming out from Tor in hardcover in May.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Claire Eamer at book signing and science fair

On Saturday, December 5, Claire Eamer is splitting her time between a book signing and a science fair. She's part of a Gala Yukon Author Book Signing at Mac's Fireweed, Whitehorse's independent bookseller, between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. She's also displaying and signing books at the Yukon and Stikine Regional Science Fair at Yukon College.

Edward Willett to teach SF writing course for University of Regina

Edward Willett will be teaching a course in writing speculative fiction for the University of Regina's Centre for Continuing Education Writing Series this spring.

The eight-hour course, which runs Tuesday evenings from March 6 to April 8, is described this way:

Students will receive an overview of the genres included in the umbrella term speculative fiction—science fiction, fantasy and horror—plus hands-on experience in the crafting of stories within these genres. Topics will include idea development, character development, world building and story structure. Information about speculative fiction markets, workshops, writers’ organizations, websites and conventions will also be provided. Students will be expected to produce work to be critiqued and to critique others’ work.

The tuition fee is $99; registration form is online here.