Sunday, November 15, 2009

My SF book finalist at the GG!

Les vents de Tammerlan, the second tome of my Chaaas’ cycle, is now a finalist of the General Governor’s literary Awards in the children’s literature category.

“This captivating novel by Michèle Laframboise strays from the well-worn paths of science fiction. While conserving the essential elements of the genre, the author’s subtle, at times poetic, prose creates moving and colourful images and gives life to complex, lovable characters. “

It is a small victory for my story and my paper children, and a larger victory for science-fiction, now recognized as a full flavour of the literary ice cream!

(a nice article by the Mississauga News:'s%20on/article/161156--laframboise-awaits-word-on-governor-general-s-award )

Michèle, coming back from a Saskatchewan Tour for the Canadian children's books week. (Tournée Lire à tous vents)

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