Friday, September 04, 2009

Lorina Stephens's Five Rivers Chapmanry actively soliciting fiction

Lorina Stephens reports that her "micro-publishing" company, Five Rivers, is: actively seeking from Canadian authors solid, Canadian novel-length fiction, with well-crafted plot and characterization, employing Canadian themes, geography and issues. If you have a manuscript that’s been lying in your bottom drawer because the major US houses aren’t interested in Canadian issues, it’s very likely that manuscript will find a home with Five Rivers. We’ll look at just about any genre with the exception of romance, anything to do with vampires (unless you’re going to deliver something other than Bella and Edward), horror, crime or erotica. If you’re submitting SF, please, think outside the singing oysters thing. If you’re submitting fantasy, we’d rather not see anything about dragons, elves and quests for magical artefacts.

Complete submission guidelines are here.

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