Monday, September 21, 2009

Interview with Matthew Hughes at SF Examiner

Matthew Hughes is interviewed by SF Examiner.

Online interview, chat and contest with C.June Wolf Wednesday at Bitten by Books

C. June Wolf is taking part in an online interview, chat and contest at Bitten by Books on Wednesday, September 23, at 10:30 p.m. Central time. Prizes will be awarded!

Joan Savage short story in Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show

Joan Savage's short story "Shadow of Turning" is in the current issue of Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show.

Douglas Smith's collection Chimerascope now available for pre-order from ChiZin Publications

Douglas Smith's second collection, Chimerascope, will be coming out this January from ChiZine Publications. The cover art (at left) is by Erik Mohr.

This is Doug's first full collection, and includes 16 of his favourite stories--fantasy, SF, horror, etc.--including an Aurora Award winner, a Best New Horror selection, and nine Aurora finalists.

Chimerascope is now available for pre-order for the limited edition hardcover and will also be available in trade paperback later.

Joe Mahoney profiled on CBC's Book Club blog

Joe Mahoney is profiled on CBC's Book Club blog in conjunction with the radio series' September focus on science fiction.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

ECW Press to publish Steve Stanton's SF trilogy The Bloodlight Chronicles

ECW Press in Toronto has contracted to publish a science fiction trilogy, The Bloodlight Chronicles, by Steve Stanton. The first book in the series, Reconciliation, will be released September, 2010.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Collection of Eileen Kernaghan's speculative poetry comes out this month

Here's the cover for Eileen Kernaghan's new collection of her speculative poetry, Tales From the Holograph Woods, due out this month. The image is Henri Rousseau's painting On the Forest Edge.

On Saturday, September 26 at 2 p.m., along with fellow poet Marci Tentchoff of Double-Edged Books, Eileen will be reading at White Dwarf Books, 3715 West 10th Avenue in Vancouver B.C.

Tales From the Holograph Woods
, a 35-year retrospective of Eileen's speculative poetry, is available from Wattle and Daub Books.

Mark Shainblum's profile of Alison Sinclair in McGill Reporter

Mark Shainblum's profile of Alison Sinclair is in the current issue of the McGill Reporter.

Matthew Hughes signs three-book deal with Angry Robot for contemporary fantasy series

Matthew Hughes reports he has made a three-book deal (with an option for a fourth) with HarperCollins's Angry Robot imprint for "a contemporary fantasy series about a mild-mannered actuary who becomes a caped crusader crime fighter with the unwilling assistance of a demon who talks and dresses like Jimmy Cagney in a 1930s gangster movie."

The first three chapters of the first book, somewhat shortened, will run as "Hell of a Fix," the cover story in the December/January issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.

Arthur Slade launches website for The Hunchback Assignments

Arthur Slade has launched a new website for his series The Hunchback Assignments.

Notes Art, "I'm really pleased with it, and especially had a lot of fun with the radio plays in the 'play' section of the website. It's so enjoyable to do these extra things with your characters."

Bonus: in the upper-right-hand side there's a "choose your background" button, allowing you to use either the American or the Canadian cover as your background.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Edward Willett replaces Spider Robinson as Author Guest of Honor at Pure Speculation

Edward Willett will be filling in for Spider Robinson as Author Guest of Honour at Pure Speculation, a science fiction convention in Edmonton, after Spider had to bow out to concentrate be with his wife, Jeanne, as she undergoes a round of chemotherapy.

Pure Speculation runs October 2 to 4 at the Shaw Convention Centre.

Poems and stories appearing from Colleen Anderson

Colleen Anderson's poem “The Drowning Ones” is out in Issue No. 77 of On Spec.

Her poem “Don Quixote’s Quandary" came out in the Science Fiction Poetry Association's 2008 poetry contest collection.

Colleen's story “The Boy who Bled Rubies” has just come out in Don Juan and Men: Stories of Lust and Seduction, published by MLR press.

She has sold the story “Best Sipped Slowly” to the anthology The Quantum Genre on the Planet of the Arts.

Lorina Stephens's Five Rivers Chapmanry actively soliciting fiction

Lorina Stephens reports that her "micro-publishing" company, Five Rivers, is: actively seeking from Canadian authors solid, Canadian novel-length fiction, with well-crafted plot and characterization, employing Canadian themes, geography and issues. If you have a manuscript that’s been lying in your bottom drawer because the major US houses aren’t interested in Canadian issues, it’s very likely that manuscript will find a home with Five Rivers. We’ll look at just about any genre with the exception of romance, anything to do with vampires (unless you’re going to deliver something other than Bella and Edward), horror, crime or erotica. If you’re submitting SF, please, think outside the singing oysters thing. If you’re submitting fantasy, we’d rather not see anything about dragons, elves and quests for magical artefacts.

Complete submission guidelines are here.

Lorina Stephens available for Q & A on Goodreads

Lorina Stephens is available until September 29 for a Q & A on Goodreads. If you don't have a Goodreads account, you'll need to sign up to participate in the discussion.

John R. Little limited-edition novella The Gray Zone released

John R. Little's new new limited-edition novella, The Gray Zone, is available now from Bad Moon Books.

John also has short story "The Slow Haunting" in the anthology Dark Delicacies 3 (Perseus Books), which also includes work by Clive Barker, Kevin J. Anderson. Chuck Palahniuk, Heather Graham, Richard Christian Matheson, David Morrell, and many more. It's available in both hardcover and trade paperback.

Sherry D. Ramsay sells story to Destination Future anthology

Sherry D. Ramsay has sold short story “Encountering Evie” to the Destination Future anthology due out from Hadley Rille Books next year.

Brett Alexander Savory critiquing for Dorchester Publishing

Brett Alexander Savory is one of the editors/critiquers for the new manuscript critiquing service started up by Dorchester Publishing.

Steve Vernon sells story to On Spec

Steve Vernon has sold short story "Harry's Mermaid" to On Spec.

Ursula Pflug reviews Paula Johanson's Tower in the Crooked Wood for the Peterborough Examiner

Ursula Pflug reviews Paula Johanson's YA fantasy Tower in the Crooked Wood (Bundoran Press) for the Peterborough Examiner, concluding:

Just like in real life, work, friendship and storytelling are important parts of Johanson's beautifully built world. The author is an avid kayaker and her love and knowledge of the outdoors imbues her narrative with a rich verisimilitude.

As well, the reader will remember spunky, sympathetically drawn Jenia for a long time.

Sample of Arthur Slade's The Hunchback Assignments audio book online

Random House has put up a sample from the audio book version of Arthur Slade's The Hunchback Assignments. Notes Art, "It's such an odd experience to hear someone else read your story."

Simon Rose discusses virtual author visits using video and Skype

Sandra Kasturi now represented by the Anne McDermid Agency

Sandra Kasturi, who is shopping her first novel to publishers, is now being represented by the Anne McDermid Agency.

Linda DeMeulemeester's Grim Hill series continues to garner raves

Linda DeMeulemeester's Grim Hill children's fantasy series (Lobster Press) continues to garner rave reviews and awards. Some reviews of the latest, Grim Hill: The Forgotten Secret:

“The “Grim Hill” series gets another satisfying go-round with this fantasy/mystery romp featuring the spunky Cat Peters ... Another appealing mix of realism, whimsy, and legend.” – Booklist, May 2009

"The author interweaves mood, magic, and Celtic mythology with the typical preoccupations of adolescence, creating a worthwhile read for those who enjoy a suspenseful story built around engaging characters and an imaginative premise." – Resource Links, April 2009

“... once it takes off, it careens along, getting spookier and spookier … it does work out in the end, leaving Cat robbed of her potential best friend but on the verge of fitting in at school and wiser in the ways of relationships, both boy-girl and mother-daughter.” – CM: Canadian Review of Materials, April 2009

"DeMeulemeester offers a realistic heroine in the form of the conflicted Cat, and a storyline that fantasy addicts will devour." – Montreal Review of Books, April 2009

“The series is well-written, the Celtic fairy lore well-researched and well-incorporated … DeMeulemeester has created a fascinating world populated with believable characters and a strong dose of fantasy. What fun!” – HollyBookNotes (book review blog), April 2009

Edward Willett interviews Robert J. Sawyer for Saskatchewan Writers Guild

Edward Willett's profile of Robert J. Sawyer, originally published in Freelance, the newsletter of the Saskatchewan Writers Guild, is now online.

Dave Duncan sells first SF novel since 1991 to Edge

Dave Duncan has sold a stand-alone science fiction novel, Pock's World, his first SF novel since 1991, to Brian Hades at Edge Science Fiction & Fantasy.

Watch a trailer for Arthur Slade's The Hunchback Assignments

Cover art for Cast a Cold Eye by Derryl Murphy and William Shunn

Here's the cover art for Cast a Cold Eye, the novella by Derryl Murphy and William Shunn coming soon from PS Publishing.

Geoff Cole story in Strange, Weird and Wonderful

Geoffrey W. Cole's story "The Most Successful Man in the World" appeared in the Summer 2009 issue of Strange, Weird, and Wonderful magazine.