Sunday, December 20, 2009

Simon Rose joins Five Rivers' authors

Five Rivers reached an agreement last week to publish the next young adult novel from author Simon Rose, Flashback.

The novel is a reincarnation, time-travel story about young Vancouver-based Max, who finds himself a reluctant investigator into a murder that happened decades ago to David Dexter. Max’s dreams and findings lead him to people it would appear he knew in a previous life and in the end transport back in time and body into the dangerous psychic experiments during the US/Soviet Union Cold War.

Simon Rose joins Five Rivers’ conclave of authors with six children’s novels in print through Tradewind Books, an impressive list of award nominations, and literary award adjudications (the Governor General and Sunburst among them.) A Derbyshire native, Simon now makes his home in Calgary, Alberta. More information about Simon can be found through his website.

Flashback, Simon’s first young adult novel, is slated for release early in 2011.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New YouTube Post

"Waterfront" was directed by Carol McBride in 1986. Originally short in 35 mm, it stars Eva Mackey and features a gorgeous reading (and adaptation) of my short story "Memory Lapse at the Waterfront." "Memory Lapse" first appeared in New Bodies, An Anthology of Science Fiction, published by Emanation Press. (Toronto, 1981). It was rerprinted in my 2008 anthology, "After the Fires," published by Toronto's Tightrope books. Posted with permission.

Edward Willett sells YA fantasy series to Lobster Press

Edward Willett has sold The Singing Water, the first book in a planned five-book young adult fantasy series (collectively called Excalibur Reforged) set in modern-day Canada, but with Arthurian elements, to Lobster Press in Montreal.

The Singing Water, in which a teenage girl in Regina discovers she's the direct descendant of The Lady of the Lake and must take on a quest to find the first of the scattered shards of the sword Excalibur, will be out in fall of 2010.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Superhuman Fiction from Donna Farley in 1000 Faces

The Hero with a Thousand Faces......

You can read my Hallowe'en/Fairy Tale/Humour/Urban Fantasy/Superhero/YA story in the fabulous zine of Superhuman fiction, 1000 Faces online now!

In "Camellia Chameleon", a suburban kid suddenly discovers she can change parts of herself at will-- and decides she doesn't like it! But on Hallowe'en a threat to a neighborhood child forces Cam to reconsider.....

Plus many more exciting stories. The issue is also available for download to e-book or POD. See the site for details!

Monday, December 07, 2009

Sneak peak at the cover of Dave Duncan's next book

Here's the cover art for Dave Duncan's next novel, Speak to the Devil, coming out from Tor in hardcover in May.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Claire Eamer at book signing and science fair

On Saturday, December 5, Claire Eamer is splitting her time between a book signing and a science fair. She's part of a Gala Yukon Author Book Signing at Mac's Fireweed, Whitehorse's independent bookseller, between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. She's also displaying and signing books at the Yukon and Stikine Regional Science Fair at Yukon College.

Edward Willett to teach SF writing course for University of Regina

Edward Willett will be teaching a course in writing speculative fiction for the University of Regina's Centre for Continuing Education Writing Series this spring.

The eight-hour course, which runs Tuesday evenings from March 6 to April 8, is described this way:

Students will receive an overview of the genres included in the umbrella term speculative fiction—science fiction, fantasy and horror—plus hands-on experience in the crafting of stories within these genres. Topics will include idea development, character development, world building and story structure. Information about speculative fiction markets, workshops, writers’ organizations, websites and conventions will also be provided. Students will be expected to produce work to be critiqued and to critique others’ work.

The tuition fee is $99; registration form is online here.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Brent Knowles places first in the Writers of the Future Contest

Brent Knowles has placed first in the Writers of the Future Contest (3rd Quarter 2009).

Two stories of his have also been published recently -- "From the Sea" in On Spec #78 and "The Tale of Lady Spite" in Tales of the Talisman.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show publishes Geoffrey W. Cole

Geoffrey W. Cole's short story "Lo'ihi Rising" appears in Issue #15 of Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show. Click the link to read a preview of the story and buy Issue #15 for ony $2.50 to read the whole story.

For a deeper look at how this story came about, check out Geoff's essay: "A Yeast-Free Recipe to Make Lo'ihi Rise".

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Druids signing at EIA a success

Strange brew. I never blogged like this before. So, news: Last Monday I spent most of the day enjoying the fine support of Indigo Books and the Edmonton International Airport at a book signing. It went superbly well, and met a lot of very nice people! Thanks E-team.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

My SF book finalist at the GG!

Les vents de Tammerlan, the second tome of my Chaaas’ cycle, is now a finalist of the General Governor’s literary Awards in the children’s literature category.

“This captivating novel by Michèle Laframboise strays from the well-worn paths of science fiction. While conserving the essential elements of the genre, the author’s subtle, at times poetic, prose creates moving and colourful images and gives life to complex, lovable characters. “

It is a small victory for my story and my paper children, and a larger victory for science-fiction, now recognized as a full flavour of the literary ice cream!

(a nice article by the Mississauga News:'s%20on/article/161156--laframboise-awaits-word-on-governor-general-s-award )

Michèle, coming back from a Saskatchewan Tour for the Canadian children's books week. (Tournée Lire à tous vents)

Claire Eamer on book tour in Ontario

Claire Eamer is currently touring schools and libraries in the Toronto-London-Guelph area as part of TD Canadian Children's Book Week. She'll be delivering presentations and readings based on her kids' science books, Spiked Scorpions & Walking Whales and Super Crocs & Monster Wings, as well as her history book for kids, Traitors' Gate and Other Doorways to the Past, all published by Annick Press. TD Canadian Children's Book Week runs until November 21, 2009.

Blog Review and Promotional Tour for Lorina Stephens

Lorina Stephens' latest novel, From Mountains of Ice, a cultural fantasy, was recently reviewed at Wicked Little Pixie, an online reviewer of paranormal romance and cultural fantasy. Full review available here.

Lorina's fall promotional tour continues through December at the following locations in Ontario:
November 28: Coles, 150 First Street, Orangeville, L9W 3T7, 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.
December 5: Chapters, Stone Road Mall, 435 Stone Road, Guelph, N1G 2X6, 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.
December 11: Smith Books, Heritage Place, 1350 - 16th Street East, Owen Sound N4K 5N3, 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

From Mountains of Ice is available in print and eBook through online retailers worldwide, through the Espresso channel at available locations, as well as select booksellers in Ontario and the publisher, Five Rivers.
For more information about Lorina Stephens visit Five Rivers' website.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Interview with Matthew Hughes at SF Examiner

Matthew Hughes is interviewed by SF Examiner.

Online interview, chat and contest with C.June Wolf Wednesday at Bitten by Books

C. June Wolf is taking part in an online interview, chat and contest at Bitten by Books on Wednesday, September 23, at 10:30 p.m. Central time. Prizes will be awarded!

Joan Savage short story in Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show

Joan Savage's short story "Shadow of Turning" is in the current issue of Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show.

Douglas Smith's collection Chimerascope now available for pre-order from ChiZin Publications

Douglas Smith's second collection, Chimerascope, will be coming out this January from ChiZine Publications. The cover art (at left) is by Erik Mohr.

This is Doug's first full collection, and includes 16 of his favourite stories--fantasy, SF, horror, etc.--including an Aurora Award winner, a Best New Horror selection, and nine Aurora finalists.

Chimerascope is now available for pre-order for the limited edition hardcover and will also be available in trade paperback later.

Joe Mahoney profiled on CBC's Book Club blog

Joe Mahoney is profiled on CBC's Book Club blog in conjunction with the radio series' September focus on science fiction.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

ECW Press to publish Steve Stanton's SF trilogy The Bloodlight Chronicles

ECW Press in Toronto has contracted to publish a science fiction trilogy, The Bloodlight Chronicles, by Steve Stanton. The first book in the series, Reconciliation, will be released September, 2010.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Collection of Eileen Kernaghan's speculative poetry comes out this month

Here's the cover for Eileen Kernaghan's new collection of her speculative poetry, Tales From the Holograph Woods, due out this month. The image is Henri Rousseau's painting On the Forest Edge.

On Saturday, September 26 at 2 p.m., along with fellow poet Marci Tentchoff of Double-Edged Books, Eileen will be reading at White Dwarf Books, 3715 West 10th Avenue in Vancouver B.C.

Tales From the Holograph Woods
, a 35-year retrospective of Eileen's speculative poetry, is available from Wattle and Daub Books.

Mark Shainblum's profile of Alison Sinclair in McGill Reporter

Mark Shainblum's profile of Alison Sinclair is in the current issue of the McGill Reporter.

Matthew Hughes signs three-book deal with Angry Robot for contemporary fantasy series

Matthew Hughes reports he has made a three-book deal (with an option for a fourth) with HarperCollins's Angry Robot imprint for "a contemporary fantasy series about a mild-mannered actuary who becomes a caped crusader crime fighter with the unwilling assistance of a demon who talks and dresses like Jimmy Cagney in a 1930s gangster movie."

The first three chapters of the first book, somewhat shortened, will run as "Hell of a Fix," the cover story in the December/January issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.

Arthur Slade launches website for The Hunchback Assignments

Arthur Slade has launched a new website for his series The Hunchback Assignments.

Notes Art, "I'm really pleased with it, and especially had a lot of fun with the radio plays in the 'play' section of the website. It's so enjoyable to do these extra things with your characters."

Bonus: in the upper-right-hand side there's a "choose your background" button, allowing you to use either the American or the Canadian cover as your background.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Edward Willett replaces Spider Robinson as Author Guest of Honor at Pure Speculation

Edward Willett will be filling in for Spider Robinson as Author Guest of Honour at Pure Speculation, a science fiction convention in Edmonton, after Spider had to bow out to concentrate be with his wife, Jeanne, as she undergoes a round of chemotherapy.

Pure Speculation runs October 2 to 4 at the Shaw Convention Centre.

Poems and stories appearing from Colleen Anderson

Colleen Anderson's poem “The Drowning Ones” is out in Issue No. 77 of On Spec.

Her poem “Don Quixote’s Quandary" came out in the Science Fiction Poetry Association's 2008 poetry contest collection.

Colleen's story “The Boy who Bled Rubies” has just come out in Don Juan and Men: Stories of Lust and Seduction, published by MLR press.

She has sold the story “Best Sipped Slowly” to the anthology The Quantum Genre on the Planet of the Arts.

Lorina Stephens's Five Rivers Chapmanry actively soliciting fiction

Lorina Stephens reports that her "micro-publishing" company, Five Rivers, is: actively seeking from Canadian authors solid, Canadian novel-length fiction, with well-crafted plot and characterization, employing Canadian themes, geography and issues. If you have a manuscript that’s been lying in your bottom drawer because the major US houses aren’t interested in Canadian issues, it’s very likely that manuscript will find a home with Five Rivers. We’ll look at just about any genre with the exception of romance, anything to do with vampires (unless you’re going to deliver something other than Bella and Edward), horror, crime or erotica. If you’re submitting SF, please, think outside the singing oysters thing. If you’re submitting fantasy, we’d rather not see anything about dragons, elves and quests for magical artefacts.

Complete submission guidelines are here.

Lorina Stephens available for Q & A on Goodreads

Lorina Stephens is available until September 29 for a Q & A on Goodreads. If you don't have a Goodreads account, you'll need to sign up to participate in the discussion.

John R. Little limited-edition novella The Gray Zone released

John R. Little's new new limited-edition novella, The Gray Zone, is available now from Bad Moon Books.

John also has short story "The Slow Haunting" in the anthology Dark Delicacies 3 (Perseus Books), which also includes work by Clive Barker, Kevin J. Anderson. Chuck Palahniuk, Heather Graham, Richard Christian Matheson, David Morrell, and many more. It's available in both hardcover and trade paperback.

Sherry D. Ramsay sells story to Destination Future anthology

Sherry D. Ramsay has sold short story “Encountering Evie” to the Destination Future anthology due out from Hadley Rille Books next year.

Brett Alexander Savory critiquing for Dorchester Publishing

Brett Alexander Savory is one of the editors/critiquers for the new manuscript critiquing service started up by Dorchester Publishing.

Steve Vernon sells story to On Spec

Steve Vernon has sold short story "Harry's Mermaid" to On Spec.

Ursula Pflug reviews Paula Johanson's Tower in the Crooked Wood for the Peterborough Examiner

Ursula Pflug reviews Paula Johanson's YA fantasy Tower in the Crooked Wood (Bundoran Press) for the Peterborough Examiner, concluding:

Just like in real life, work, friendship and storytelling are important parts of Johanson's beautifully built world. The author is an avid kayaker and her love and knowledge of the outdoors imbues her narrative with a rich verisimilitude.

As well, the reader will remember spunky, sympathetically drawn Jenia for a long time.

Sample of Arthur Slade's The Hunchback Assignments audio book online

Random House has put up a sample from the audio book version of Arthur Slade's The Hunchback Assignments. Notes Art, "It's such an odd experience to hear someone else read your story."

Simon Rose discusses virtual author visits using video and Skype

Sandra Kasturi now represented by the Anne McDermid Agency

Sandra Kasturi, who is shopping her first novel to publishers, is now being represented by the Anne McDermid Agency.

Linda DeMeulemeester's Grim Hill series continues to garner raves

Linda DeMeulemeester's Grim Hill children's fantasy series (Lobster Press) continues to garner rave reviews and awards. Some reviews of the latest, Grim Hill: The Forgotten Secret:

“The “Grim Hill” series gets another satisfying go-round with this fantasy/mystery romp featuring the spunky Cat Peters ... Another appealing mix of realism, whimsy, and legend.” – Booklist, May 2009

"The author interweaves mood, magic, and Celtic mythology with the typical preoccupations of adolescence, creating a worthwhile read for those who enjoy a suspenseful story built around engaging characters and an imaginative premise." – Resource Links, April 2009

“... once it takes off, it careens along, getting spookier and spookier … it does work out in the end, leaving Cat robbed of her potential best friend but on the verge of fitting in at school and wiser in the ways of relationships, both boy-girl and mother-daughter.” – CM: Canadian Review of Materials, April 2009

"DeMeulemeester offers a realistic heroine in the form of the conflicted Cat, and a storyline that fantasy addicts will devour." – Montreal Review of Books, April 2009

“The series is well-written, the Celtic fairy lore well-researched and well-incorporated … DeMeulemeester has created a fascinating world populated with believable characters and a strong dose of fantasy. What fun!” – HollyBookNotes (book review blog), April 2009

Edward Willett interviews Robert J. Sawyer for Saskatchewan Writers Guild

Edward Willett's profile of Robert J. Sawyer, originally published in Freelance, the newsletter of the Saskatchewan Writers Guild, is now online.

Dave Duncan sells first SF novel since 1991 to Edge

Dave Duncan has sold a stand-alone science fiction novel, Pock's World, his first SF novel since 1991, to Brian Hades at Edge Science Fiction & Fantasy.

Watch a trailer for Arthur Slade's The Hunchback Assignments

Cover art for Cast a Cold Eye by Derryl Murphy and William Shunn

Here's the cover art for Cast a Cold Eye, the novella by Derryl Murphy and William Shunn coming soon from PS Publishing.

Geoff Cole story in Strange, Weird and Wonderful

Geoffrey W. Cole's story "The Most Successful Man in the World" appeared in the Summer 2009 issue of Strange, Weird, and Wonderful magazine.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Several SF Canada members among Aurora Award winners

Several members of SF Canada won Aurora Awards at last night's ceremony at the World Science Fiction Convention in Montreal.

Edward Willett won the award for Best Long-Form Work in English for Marseguro (DAW Books); Michèle Laframboise won Best Long-Form Work in French for Les vents deTammerlan (Editions Médiaspaul, coll. Jeunesse-Plus), Jean-Louis Trudel won the award for Best Short-Form Work in French for "Le dome de macaire" (Solaris 167), Karl Johanson won the award for Best Work In English (Other) for editing Neo-Opsis magazine, and Joel Champetier won for Best Work in French (Other) for editing Solaris.

Randy McCharles won the award for Best Short-Form Work in English for his short story "Ringing in the Changes in Okotoks, Alberta" (Tesseracts Twelve, Edge Science Fiction) and the Fan Achievement (Organizational) award for his work as chair of World Fantasy 2008.

Other winners were Lar deSouza, who won the award for Artistic Achievement for Looking for Group (online comic), Jef Boman, who won the award for Fan Achievement (Fanzine) for editing The Original Universe, and Joan Sherman, who won the award for Fan Achievement (Other) for organizing the Heather Dale Concert.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Phyllis Gotlieb, "grand dame of Canadian science fiction," dies in Toronto

Life member and founding member of SF Canada Phyllis Gotlieb, the "grand dame of Canadian science fiction," died yesterday in Toronto of complications from a burst appendix.

Born Phyllis Fay Bloom on May 25, 1926, in Toronto, in the 1960s and 1970s she was the only prominent English-language Canadian SF writer; in 1982 she was honored with an Aurora Award for lifetime achivement.

Her first SF story, "A Grain of Manhood," appeared in Fantastic in 1959, and she published short fiction widely right into this century. Some of her stories are gathered in Son of the Morning and Other Stories (1983) and Blue Apes (1995). She edited Tesseracts2 (1987), an anthology of Canadian SF, with Douglas Barbour.

Phyllis's first novel, Sunburst appeared in 1959; one of Canada's most important SF prizes is called the Sunburst Award in her honor. Other works include her Sven Dhalgren books: O Master Caliban! (1976) and Heart of Red Iron (1989); her Starcats series: Nebula-nominated novella "Son of the Morning" (1972) and novels including Aurora Award winner A Judgment of Dragons(1980), Emperor, Swords, Pentacles (1982), and Tiptree and Aurora finalist The Kingdom of the Cats; the Flesh and Gold series: Flesh and Gold (1998), Violent Stars (1999);Mindworlds (2002); and standalone feminist fantasy Birthstones (2007).

The funeral will be held on Thursday, July 16, at 3:30 p.m. at Adath Israel Synogague in Toronto. Details are here.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

SF Canada members Dave Duncan, Cory Doctorow and Eileen Kernaghan on Sunburst Award short list

Three SF Canada members have made the shortlist of the Sunburst Award, Canada's premiere juried award for science fiction and fantasy literature.

Dave Duncan's The Alchemist's Code (Ace) is a finalist in the adult category, while Cory Doctorow's Little Brother (Tor) and Eileen Kernaghan's Wild Talent: A Novel of the Supernatural (Thistledown) are on the young adult shortlist.

In addition, Ursula Pflug's collection After the Fires received an honorable mention in the adult category, as did Arthur Slade's Jolted: Newton Starker's Rules for Survival in the young adult category.

The awards, named after the first novel by Phyllis Gotlieb, consist of $1,000 cash and a medallion which incorporates a specially designed "Sunburst" logo. The winners will be announced in the fall.

Michèle Laframboise launches new English blog

Michèle Laframboise reports that Echos of a Sunday artist, her new English blog, is officially online, adding, "It may have a few typos, but the spirit is there!"

Michele's SF comic book The General's Garden is now out in both French and English.

Ursual Pflug resells one old story, sells two new ones

Ursula Pflug has sold a reprint of "Python," one of the stories in her Aurora Award-nominated story collection After the Fires, to Mapping the Beast: The Best of Leviathan and Album Zutique, edited by Ann and Jeff VanderMeer.

A new story Ursula says she's particularly happy with, "Harvesting the Moon." will appear in the fall issue of Peter Crowther's Postscripts. Another new story, "Learning Elvish," is forthcoming in Jon Wood's Farrago's Wainscot.

Dave Duncan's Ill Met in the Arena Endeavour Award finalist

Dave Duncan's novel Ill Met in the Arena (Ace) is among three novels and two collections of short stories written by Pacific Northwest writers that are finalists for the 11th Endeavour Award and the $1,000 honorarium that accompanies it.

Besides Duncan, the other finalists are Anathem by Neal Stephenson, Long Walks, Last Flights and Other Stories by Ken Scholes, Space Magic by David Levine, and A World Too Near by Kay Kenyon.

The Endeavour Award honors a distinguished science fiction or fantasy book, either a novel or a single-author collection of stories, created by a writer living in the Pacific Northwest. Entries are read by seven readers randomly selected from a panel of local fans and readers. The five highest scoring books then go to three judges, who are all professional writers or editors.

The winner will be announced November 27 at OryCon, Oregon’s annual science fiction convention.

Cory Doctorow's Little Brother ties for Campbell Award, wins Prometheus Award

Cory Doctorow's young adult novel Little Brother (Tor) continues to win awards, picking up two more in the past couple of weeks.

First, Little Brother tied with Ian MacLeod's Song of Time (PS Publishing) for the John W. Campbell Memorial Award for the best science fiction novel of the year. Third went to The Philosopher's Apprentice, by James Morrow. The award will be presented at the Campbell Conference Awards Banquet at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas, this weekend, July 10 to 12.

Second, Little Brother won the Prometheus Award, awarded annually by The Libertarian Futurist Society. Other finalists were Matter by Iain Banks (Orbit), The January Dancer by Michael Flynn (Tor), Saturn's Children by Charles Stross (Tor), Opening Atlantis by Harry Turtledove (Roc), and Half a Crown by Jo Walton (Tor). The award will be presented at the World Science Fiction Convention in Montreal in August.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Trailer for Barb Galler-Smith's Druids released

Here's the video trailer for Druids (Edge Press), the first novel by Barb Galler-Smith, written in collaboration with Josh Langston. The book will be released September 1.

Cover art for Cory Doctorow's Makers

Cory Doctorow has posted the cover art for his new novel Makers, from both the and U.K. (HarperCollins) and U.S. (Tor) editions.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Radio interview with Edward Willett online

Edward Willett was recently interviewed by Ian Goodwillie for Saskatoon Book Report on Saskatoon's CFCR community radio station. Minus the first few minutes, you can now listen to the interview online.

Simon Rose's The Doomsday Mask now available

The Doomsday Mask (Tradewind Books), Simon Rose's sixth novel for children, is now available.

Here's the synopsis:

The legendary crystal ceremonial mask of Kulkaan, high priest of Atlantis,was believed to have been endowed with incredible powers. In the ancient civilization's destruction, the mask was thought to have been shattered and irretrievably lost, eventually being forgotten. Long considered to be a myth, the artifact’s fragments have now been found and the mask of Kulkaan reassembled. In a desperate race against time, Josh and Erica must prevent the mask from falling intact into the hands of the shadowy Crystalline Order to save the world from catastrophe.

New video to promote Lorina Stephens's From Mountains of Ice

Lorina Stephens has just posted this video to promote her upcoming novel From Mountains of Ice.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cory Doctorow's Little Brother on stage in Chicago

Chicago's Griffin Theatre has mounted a live production of Cory Doctorow's young adult novel Little Brother, adapted by William Massolia. Cory writes, "This is incredibly exciting; Time Out Chicago gave it four stars, saying, 'Doctorow raises many worthy points about the relationship between our safeties and our freedoms, and in this bracing production, newcomer Mike Harvey as Marcus makes a confident tour guide.' Bill Shunn, writing in Sci-Fi Wire, said, 'Little Brother is an exciting and thought-provoking production, imaginatively staged on a bare-bones set with some multimedia elements stirred in.'"

Little Brother runs Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 7:30 p.m., and Sundays at 3 p.m., through July 19 at the Athenaeum Theatre, 2936 North Southport Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. Tickets are $15-$25, from 800-982-2787. More information, here.

The play is directed by Dorothy Milne, who previously worked with Massolia on the Griffin's 2005 adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Stardust.

(Via SF Scope.)

Matthew Hughes interviewed by ActuSF

An online interview with Matthew Hughes has been posted at ActuSF. It begins:

I have always earned my living as a writer. It was the only thing I could do well enough to earn enough to feed my family.

Read the whole thing!

Monday, June 15, 2009

John R. Little wins Stoker Award

John R. Little has won the Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in Long Fiction for his novella Miranda (Bad Moon Books).

The Bram Stoker Awards are presented annually by the Horror Writer's Association, and are named in honor of Bram Stoker, author of Dracula. The award is an eight-inch replica of a fanciful haunted house, designed for HWA by sculptor Steven Kirk. The door of the house opens to reveal a brass plaque engraved with the name of the winning work and its author.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Michèle Laframboise's YA novel La quête de Chaaas nominated for prestigious Trillium Award

La quête de Chaaas by Michèle Laframboise is among the 17 books nominated this year for the prestigious Trillium awards. Organized by the Société de développement de l’industrie des médias de l’Ontario (SODIMO), those awards emphasize the vitality of literature in Ontario.

La quête de Chaaas (Chaaas’ Quest) explores in depth the life of an adolescent struggling to find his own way in an alien civilization of super-gardeners. Robbed of the fruit of his quest and left to die of cold in the northern desert, Chaaas resolves to find the culprit. But a grain of chance mingles in his plans...

On June 15th, Michèle will be at a public lecture at the Harbourfront, in Toronto. The award ceremony will be held on the next day.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Matthew Hughes makes 19th sale to Fantasy & Science Fiction

Matthew Hughes has sold a 16,000-word story entitled "Hell of a Fix," to Gordon Van Gelder at The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. It's about "a nerdish actuary who accidentally causes Hell to go on strike."

It's Matt's 19th sale to the magazine.

Edward Willett launching Terra Insegura in Regina May 30, Saskatoon June 3

Edward Willett will officially launch Terra Insegura (DAW), the sequel to his Aurora-nominated novel Marseguro, with readings and signings this Saturday, May 30, from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Book & Brier Patch in Regina and Wednesday, June 3, at 7:30 p.m. at McNally Robinson in Saskatoon.

One week remains in Ed's month-long series of book giveaways. To enter to win a free copy of Terra Insegura (for the first name drawn) or Marseguro (for the second) leave a comment at his blog or email edward(at) with the subject line "Terra Insegura."

Geoff Cole reading in Vancouver June 11

Geoff Cole will be reading (along with Linda King, Brad Teeter, Ethel Whitty, Jane Mellor, Mauretia Holloway, Neil McKinnon and Aileen Penner) at The Writers's Studio Reading Series at Rhizome Cafe, 317 East Broadway at Kingsway, Vancouver, on June 11 from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m.

C. June Wolf running book giveaway at her blog

C. June Wolf is giving away a signed copy of Finding Creatures and Other Stories at her blog. Just post a comment explaining why you'd like a copy, and she'll draw one name at random. No need to post names, addresses or personal information; she'll contact the winner for a mailing address.

Michèle Laframboise's SF comic book The General's Garden now available

Michèle Laframboise's new comic book in English, The General's Garden, science fiction aimed at a younger audience, is now available.

The General's Garden is a short 24-page story set in the Chh'tyl Empire, part of the same universe as La Quête de Chaaas and Les vents de Tammerlan (Winds of Tammerlan, an Aurora finalist this year). It features a younger Chaaas raiding a forbidden garden with his two mischievous friends.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Derek Kunsken non-SF story now out in sub-Terrain

Derek Kunsken's first non-SF, non-fantasy piece, "Getting High With Thomas the Apostle," just appeared in the Canadian literary magazine sub-Terrain (#52).

Says Derek, "It's the story of three kids living on the streets on San Pedro Sula, one of whom believes he's been visited by John the Baptist. It's dark and uses the environment I saw while working with street kids in Central and South America. No ray-guns, spaceships or aliens, though...."

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Stephanie Bedwell-Grime's new vampire novel Feral Passion out June 2

Stephanie Bedwell-Grime's new vampire novel Feral Passion debuts June 2 from Samhain Publishing, with cover art by Cover art by Natalie Winters .

You can read an excerpt online, and here's the publisher's description of the book:

It’s never a good idea to date your prey…

Xandra had a thing about vampires—like not dating one. Ever. But now that she’s on the hunt for the mastermind behind a newly formed vampire army, she’s sucking it up and dating every vamp in her little black book. Her prime suspect: Dante. Cop, vampire—and drop-dead gorgeous.

As the police force’s vampire liaison officer, Dante is no stranger to crime. Feral vampires are attacking in droves, and he’s hell-bent on finding out who’s responsible before the backlash robs them all of their hard-won rights. His number one suspect: Xandra. Hunter, smartass—and sexy as sin.

No one is more surprised than Xandra when Dante shows up as her date. Her cover is not all that’s blown during their mutual interrogation. Sparks of attraction fly—right before an attack leaves her gravely injured. With no choice but to inoculate her with his blood, Dante has more questions than ever before. Like who wants her silenced.

As they race to uncover a long-buried secret, Xandra realizes she can trust no one. Not even Dante. Especially since his blood is giving her unpredictable side effects…

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Online radio interview with Lorina Stephens to air Friday, May 15

An interview with Lorina Stephens about her anthology of speculative fiction, And the Angels Sang, will be broadcast online on the Author’s Radio Show on Friday, May 15.

"Big Idea" essay by Edward Willett up at John Scalzi's Whatever

At his popular blog Whatever, SF writer John Scalzi has published a series of essays over the past few years by other SF writers in which they talk about the ideas behind their latest books. The current essay is by Edward Willett, discussing the genesis of Marseguro and Terra Insegura.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Edward Willett giving away books to promote new novel

Edward Willett's new science fiction novel Terra Insegura (DAW Books) will be officially released tomorrow. To promote the book, Ed is giving away copies of both Terra Insegura and its prequel, Marseguro, for the entire month of May, through a weekly draw.

Details are here. Enter by leaving a comment there or by emailing Ed at edward(at) with the subject line "Terra Insegura."

New Simon Rose articles on naming characters at Ezines

A new collection of five articles by Simon Rose, entitled "Naming your Characters," is now available at Ezines.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Cover art for Steve Vernon's upcoming picture book

Here's a sneak peek at Steve Vernon's upcoming children's picture book, Maritime Monsters, a field guide to the sea serpents and wood beasts of the maritimes, illustrated by Jeff Solway. The book will hit the bookshelves this fall.

Currently Steve is gearing up for the launch and promotion of Halifax Haunts, his third collection of ghost stories. You can listen to an interview with Steve online here.

Nina Munteanu sells Darwin's Paradox sequel to Dragon Moon

Nina Munteanu recently signed a contract with Dragon Moon Press (Hades Publications) to deliver the prequel of her SF ecological thriller Darwin's Paradox. The prequel is entitled Angel of Chaos and is scheduled for release in late 2009 or early 2010.

Nina also signed on with Redjack Books, who will be publishing a collection of her short stories in 2010. Meanwhile, Absolute Xpress (Hades Publications) will be re-releasing Nina's award-nominated romantic SF thriller, Collision with Paradise (formerly with Liquid Silver) this spring in ebook and print formats.

Nina recently participated in BC Book and Magazine Week 2009. As part of Neo-Opsis Science Fiction Magazine's participation in the Main Street Literary Tour, Nina gave a reading from her award-nominated short story, "Virtually Yours," which appeared in The Best of Neo-Opsis Science Fiction Magazine (Bundoran Press) and has been translated into Greek, Romanian, and Polish. An after-party followed at Cafe Montmartre.

Nina was also interviewed by Danielle Marcotte of Radio Canada in connection with her participation in BC Book Week and to discuss SF writing and publishing in British Columbia.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Cory Doctorow's Little Brother a Locus Award finalist

Cory Doctorow's novel Little Brother (Tor) is one of the finalists for the Locus Award for Young Adult Novel.

Other finalists in that category are Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book (HarperCollins/Bloomsbury), Margo Lanagan's Tender Morsels (Knopf), Terry Pratchett's Nation (Doubleday UK/HarperCollins) and John Scalzi's Zoe's Tale (Tor).

The Locus Awards, nominated for and voted on by readers of Locus Magazine and Locus Online, will be presented in Seattle during the Science Fiction Awards Weekend, June 26 to 27.

Leslie Brown story to appear in Warrior Wisewoman 2

Leslie Brown’s SF story “The Last Nice Afternoon in October” will be appearing in Warrior Wisewoman 2, edited by Roby James and published by Norilana Books, in June.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Steve Vernon sells two short stories

Steve Vernon has sold two short stories, one to Nancy Kilpatrick's vampire anthology Evolve, due out in the spring of 2010, and another to Campus Chills, a Canadian ghost story collection due out this fall.

Several Colleen Anderson stories and a poem forthcoming

Colleen Anderson's story "The Boy Who Bled Rubies" will appear in the Don Juan and Men anthology in June. She's also sold short stories "An Ember Amongst the Fallen" to Nancy Kilpatrick for the vampire anthology Evolve and "A Kind Hand" to Shroud magazine. Her poem "Finding Dionysus" won second prize, and publication, in a poetry contest run by Barton College's Crucible magazine.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Read, listen to first two chapters of Edward Willett's Terra Insegura

Edward Willett has posted the first two chapters of his new SF novel Terra Insegura (DAW Books), the sequel to last year's Aurora Award-nominated Marseguro, on his new, improved website. In addition to the text, he's posted MP3 files of himself reading both chapters.

Terra Insegura will be available in bookstores on May 5.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Mary Choo sells story, three poems

Mary Choo’s horror short story “The Language of Crows” has been accepted for publication in the forthcoming Canadian speculative anthology Tesseracts 13.

As well, Mary has sold three poems, "The Malcontents," "From the Hidden Texts of Lucy Maud," and "The Hill Witch," to the upcoming speculative issue of Room magazine

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cory Doctorow a finalist for Prometheus Award

Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother (Tor) is a finalist for the Libertarian Futurist Society’s Prometheus Awards in the Best Novel category. The full set of Best Novel nominees:

  • Matter, Iain Banks (Orbit)
  • Little Brother, Cory Doctorow (Tor)
  • The January Dancer, Michael Flynn (Tor)
  • Saturn’s Children, Charles Stross (Ace)
  • Opening Atlantis, Harry Turtledove (Penguin/Roc)
  • Half a Crown, Jo Walton (Tor)

The winners will be announced at (where else?) Anticipation, this year's World Science Fiction Convention,  August 6 to 10 in Montreal.

Monday, March 23, 2009

John R. Little makes Stoker Awards final ballot

John R. Little's novella Miranda (Bad Moon Books) is on the final ballot for the 2009 Stoker Awards in the category of Superior Achievement in Long Fiction (and no, that image of the cover is not backwards).

Other finalists in that category are The Shallow End of the Pool by Adam-Troy Castro (Creeping Hemlock Press, Redemption Roadshow by Weston Ochse (Burning Effigy Press), and The Confessions of St. Zach by Gene O'Neill (Bad Moon Books).

The awards will be presented at the 2009 Stoker Awards Weekend, June 12 to 14 in Burbank, Calif.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cory Doctorow makes Hugo final ballot, Tony Pi on Campbell ballot

The Hugo Awards and John W. Campbell Award Final Ballot has been released by Anticipation, the 67th Annual World Science Fiction Convention. The awards will be presented at the convention, which runs August 6 to 10 in Montreal.

Cory Doctorow's Little Brother (Tor) is a finalist in the Best Novel category, alongside Anathem by Neal Stephenson (Morrow; Atlantic UK); The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman (HarperCollins; Bloomsbury); Saturn's Children by Charles Stross (Ace; Orbit); and Zoe's Tale by John Scalzi (Tor). You can download Cory's book for free.

It's interesting to note that three of the five finalists are young adult books.

Tony Pi is on the final ballot for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer. Others in that category are Aliette de Bodard, David Anthony Durham, Felix Gilman and
Gord Sellar.

The complete list of nominees is here.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Several SF Canada members among Prix Aurora Awards finalists

Several SF Canada members are among the finalists for this year's Aurora Awards, announced this morning.

The Auroras recognize Canadian science fiction and fantasy artwork, writing, and fan activities. Any Canadian citizen or resident may vote in the Aurora selection process. Mail-in or online ballots must be submitted before Wednesday, July 15, 2009. For more information or to vote, go here.

This list of nominees is also available in Word and PDF formats.

Best Long-Form Work in English
Meilleur livre en anglais

After the Fires, Ursula Pflug (Tightrope Books)
Identity Theft and Other Stories, Robert J. Sawyer (Red Deer Press)
Impossibilia, Douglas Smith (PS Publishing)
Defining Diana, Hayden Trenholm (Bundoran Press)
Marseguro, Edward Willett (DAW Books)

Meilleur livre en français
Best Long-Form Work in French

Une fêlure au flanc du monde, Éric Gauthier (Alire)
Les vents de Tammerlan, Michèle Laframboise (Éditions Médiaspaul, coll. Jeunesse-Plus)

Best Short-Form Work in English
Meilleure nouvelle en anglais

“All In,” Peter Atwood (May–June, Weird Tales magazine)
“Back,” Susan J. Forest (June, Analog magazine)
“Ringing in the Changes in Okotoks, Alberta,” Randy McCharles (Tesseracts Twelve, Edge Science Fiction) 
“A Bouquet of Flowers in a Vase by Van Gogh,” Douglas Smith (Impossibilia, PS Publishing)
“Doorways,” Douglas Smith (Postscripts Magazine #17, PS Publishing)

Meilleure nouvelle en français
Best Short-Form Work in French

« Ballade sur Pallide », Michèle Laframboise (Virages 44
« La révolte des gilets-malins », Michèle Laframboise (QUAD9 6A
« Le Dôme de Saint-Macaire », (Solaris 167
« Jos Montferrand et le Grand Brigand des routes », Alain Ducharme (Solaris 161)

Best Work in English (Other)
Meilleur ouvrage en anglais (Autre)

The Gaslight Grimoire, Jeff Campbell & Charles Prepolec, Editors, (Edge Science Fiction)
Neo-opsis magazine, Karl Johanson, Ed.
Tesseracts Twelve, Claude Lalumière, Ed. (Edge Science Fiction) 
Through the Window: a Journey to the Borderlands of Faerie, Marcie Lynn Tentchoff (Double Edge Publishing) 
On Spec magazine, Diane Walton, Managing Ed.

Meilleur ouvrage en français (Autre)
Best Work in French (Other)

Jean-Louis Trudel, Sophie Beaulé, (Éditions David)
Solaris, Joël Champetier, édition et direction littéraire

Artistic Achievement
Accomplissement artistique

Looking for Group, Lar deSouza (Online Comic) 
cover Neo-Opsis #14, Stephanie Ann Johanson 
Imagination, Michèle Laframboise (Imagination contre les pigeons spammers, Vermillion) 
Fear Agent #22, Ronn Sutton (Dark Horse) 
cover JEMMA7729, David Willicome

Fan Achievement (Fanzine)
Accomplissement fanique (Fanzine)

The Original Universe, Jeff Boman, (Ed.) 
Opuntia, Dale Spiers (Ed.) 
Clair/Obscur, François-Bernard Tremblay, (Réd.) 
Brins d’éternité, Guillaume Voisine, (Réd.)

Fan Achievement (Organizational)
Accomplissement fanique (Organisation)

Robyn Herrington Memorial Short Story Contest, Renée Bennett (Administrator) 
World Fantasy 2008, Kim Greyson (Guest Liaison) 
FilKONtario 19, Judith Hayman, & Peggi Warner-Lalonde (Co-chairs) 
World Fantasy 2008, Randy McCharles, (Chair) 
Anime North 2008, David Simmons (Organizer)

Fan Achievement (Other)
Accomplissement fanique (autre)

World Fantasy 2008 Podcasts, Kurt Armbruster, & Ryah Deines (Producers/Ed./Hosts)
Impulse, news bulletin of MonSFFA, Keith Braithwaite (Ed.) 
Through the Keyhole – 25 years of Keycon Memories, Jennifer Ennis (Ed.) 
Fan Writing, Lloyd Penney 
Heather Dale Concert, Joan Sherman (Organizer)

The Prix Aurora Awards will be presented at Canvention, the Canadian national science fiction convention, which this year is taking place in conjunction with the 67th World Science Fiction Convention, Anticipation, being held in Montréal from August 6 to 10.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Author Anita Daher interviews Simon Rose

Canadian children's author Anita Daher has posted an interview with Simon Rose on her blog, Anita's Other Space; Simon returns the favor on his blog.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Dave Duncan's The Alchmist's Pursuit now out

Dave Duncan's latest book is due for release Tuesday, March 3rd: The Alchemist's Pursuit, from Ace, in trade paperback.

This is the 3rd in the Venice trilogy. Number two (Alchemist's Code) came out in mass market a week ago.

Here is a summary of The Alchemist's Pursuit:
Being even crabbier than usual, Maestro Nostradamus refuses a request from Violetta Vitale, the finest courtesan in Venice, to investigate the murder of her friend Lucia. But when another courtesan dies, and then another, the Maestro repents and sets Alfeo Zeno--his apprentice and Violetta's lover--to work gathering evidence. Their quest has hardly begun before the ruling Council of Ten intervenes, forbidding them to pursue the investigation.

Any normal detective would be balked, but the Maestro is the finest seer in Europe, and even the implacable Council of Ten cannot prevent him from seeking to foresee the next murder and sending Alfeo to catch the killer in the act. The hunt becomes ever more urgent and desperate as it seems that Violetta herself may be destined to be the next victim and Alfeo begins receiving mysterious occult help that he did not ask for and probably dare not accept.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Donna Farley talks about upcoming books in podcast

Donna Farley appears in an online podcast talking about Saint Cuthbert, the subject of her two upcoming books from Conciliar Press, The Ravens of Farne, a picture book, and Bearing the Saint, a YA novel. 

Friday, February 27, 2009

Tony Pi story now online at Beneath Ceaseless Skies

Tony Pi's short story "Silk and Shadow" (in the Mercuria series) is available now for free online at Beneath Ceaseless Skies, in issue #11.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Derryl Murphy's story "Last Call" optioned by filmmaker

Derryl Murphy's short story "Last Call," originally published in OnSpec (and available online here), has been optioned by filmmaker Jean-Francois Da Sylva, who has previously made The Grandfather Paradox, based on a short story by Edward M. Lerner.

Derryl will be posting regular updates on the progress of the film at his blog, If You Can't Say Anything Nice....

Simon Rose offering workshops on writing and publishing children's novels

Simon Rose will be leading workshops on Writing and Publishing Your Children's Novel in Calgary March 16 and 18:

Monday, March 16, 2009 - 7 pm to 9 pm Inspiration, Imagination and Invention

We examine the writing process from initial concept through to the finished manuscript, including how to turn ideas into stories, the creation of outlines, story structure, character development, the role of research and the importance of editing and revision. Cost: $50.00

Wednesday, March 18, 2009 - 7 pm to 9 pm Marketing and Promotion

This workshop explores websites for authors and writers, online marketing, media relations, book launches and bookstore signings, promotional events, securing speaking engagements, as well examining ways to research and submit to publishing houses. Cost: $50.00

The workshops will be held at the Palliser Bayview Pumphill Community Association, 2323 Palliser Drive SW, Calgary.

Register at or at (403) 285 9383. 

Louise Bohmer's debut novel available for pre-order

Louise Bohmer's debut novel, The Black Act, is now available for pre-order from the publisher, Lachesis Publishing.

From the back cover: 

The history of a curse is fraught with bloody battles, bitter hatred, and dark secrets.

Through five generations, ghosts of war haunt the Wise Women. When the Rebellion of Glenna ends, their curse sleeps bound in the Tunnels of the Dead, waiting for its chance to re-awaken the battle between the Wood People and Dalthwein Clans.

Claire, a distraught young Wise Woman born in the sacred valley of the fae, unwittingly helps it escape imprisonment. While her twin sister, Anna, receives psychic glimpses of ancient secrets she must unravel. With her scribe teacher, Rosalind, she also struggles to uncover the reasons behind Claireʼs strange behavior, ever escalating since the death of their Guild Mother, Grianne.

The Age of the Wise Women will cease, if the curse does not end with Anna and Claire. Perhaps inheriting the mistakes of their ancestors, and learning the truths of their identities, will bring great suffering for these witch twins? 

Call for papers for the 2009 Academic Conference on Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy

From Allan Weiss:

The 2009 Academic Conference on Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy will be held Saturday, June 6, 2009, in Toronto, Ontario, at the Merril Collection of Science Fiction, Speculation and Fantasy, one of the most important collections of fantastic literature in the world.

We invite proposals for papers in any area of Canadian science fiction and fantasy, including:
  • studies of individual works and authors;
  • comparative studies;
  • studies that place works in their literary and/or cultural contexts.
Papers may be about Canadian works in any medium: literature, film, graphic novels and comic books, and so on. For studies of the audio-visual media, preference will be given to discussions of works produced in Canada or involving substantial Canadian creative contributions.

Papers should be no more than 20 minutes long, and geared toward a general as well as an academic audience. Please submit proposals (max. 2 pages) by email or hard copy to:

Dr. Allan Weiss
Department of English
York University
4700 Keele St.
Toronto, ON M3H 3N4

Deadline: April 1, 2009

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Tony Pi sells new "Mercuria" story to On Spec

Tony Pi has sold his short story "Cygnet's Shadow" to On Spec. It's the fourth story set in the lands of Mercuria that he has sold, the others being "Come Frost, Sun, and Vine" in Tales of the Unanticipated #29, "Silk and Shadow," forthcoming in Beneath Ceaseless Skies #11 on February 26, and "The Shadow-Witch" in Cinema Spec, forthcoming in the third quarter of 2009. Tony reports he's currently "wrestling with a novella" also set in Mercuria, "The Swan King's Daughter", for submission to Alembical.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Catherine MacLeod sells short-short to On Spec

Cathering MacLeod has sold a short-short story entitled "Water Breaks" to On Spec.

John R. Little's newest book now available for preorder

John R. Little's newest book, Dreams in Black and White, has just gone up for preorder and will be published in June: you can read about it here.  The book is published by Morning Star, an imprint of Bloodletting Press.

As well, John is the Featured Author at Horror World for February.  You can see a new short story of his, "Following Marla," on their web site.

John's novella "Miranda" is on the preliminary ballot for Long Fiction for the Bram Stoker award.

Cemetery Dance's Shivers V includes Steve Vernon novelette

Shivers V, edited by Richard Chizmar and just released by Cemetery Dance Publications, includes Steve Vernon's novelette "The Forever Long Snake of Olan Walker."

Monday, January 26, 2009

Clélie Rich editing new anthology for Ink Oink Art Inc.

Clélie Rich is now seeking submissions for Escape Clause, "a predominantly, but not exclusively, Westcoast anthology of speculative stuff — fiction and poetry," published by Ink Oink Art Inc., with cover art by Thomas Anfield and interior illustrations by Lee Tockar.

Clélie is looking for original unpublished work that fits these guidelines:
short fiction (2000 to 5000) for which we will pay $200; and poems up to 50 lines in length, for which we will pay $50. We’re looking for character-driven pieces; for whimsical, absurdist, elegant, horrific, heart-felt, energetic, sad, scary pieces; for hard sf, sf with a bit of give in it, fantasy, and everything in between. Pick one or all of the above. If you’ve put your heart into it, we want to see it. Just respect the word limits.
To submit:
one story per submission please, or up to five poems; as an attachment only (not in the body of the message) in either Word or RTF, with your name/[PTY or FCT]/title in the heading, and send it winging through the ethers to

Reading period: January 15th to February 28th 2009.

C. June Wolf interviewed by Hi-Sci-Fi

C. June Wolf was interviewed by Hi-Sci-Fi during the most recent V-Con. Listen to the interview here.

Starred review for Dave Duncan's latest in Publisher's Weekly

Dave Duncan's latest novel, The Alchemist's Pursuit (due in March from Ace), got a starred review in the January 19 Publisher's Weekly, which says, "Duncan neatly blends a vision of magical Venice with an engrossing whodunit."

Friday, January 16, 2009

Holly Phillips sells "psychological horror story" to Postscripts

Holly Phillips has just sold psychological horror story "The Rescue" to Postscripts in England. It's her first non-reprint sale off the continent.

As well, Holly's novel The Engine's Child was named in Fantasy Book Critic's list of the top five fantasy books of 2008.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New work from Jean-Louis Trudel

Jean-Louis Trudel has provided one of his semi-annual updates of his publishing activities:

In 2009, the Éditions du Vermillon in Ottawa will publish their second fiction collection by Jean-Louis. Titled Les Marées à venir (Tides to Come), it will include 10 science fiction short stories published between 2000 and 2008, plus one original story.

Jean-Louis's short story « Désaxés! » ("Off-kilter") has been accepted for publication in 2009 by Solaris, while Tesseracts 13 (EDGE), edited by Nancy Kilpatrick and David Morrell, will include his story "The Night Before the Storm", translated by the author himself from the story in French, known as « La nuit avant l'orage ».

In 2008, the Éditions David in Ottawa published a thick teacher's guide by Sophie Beaulé of St-Mary's University in Halifax, Jean-Louis Trudel, devoted to five of the author's young adult books, comprising the series of the « Saisons de Nigelle » ("Seasons of Nigelle").

Jean-Louis's  short story about life on Vancouver Island after global warming, « Soldats des bois, de la mer et du ciel » ("Soldiers of the Woods, the Sea, and the Sky"), appeared in the December 2008 issue of French magazine Galaxies, while his story about a Venus transit in Milano, « Les terrasses de Brera » ("The Brera Roofs"), should appear in 2009 in the Montreal magazine Brins d'Éternité, a non-paying market.

Jean-Louis  also writes with Yves Meynard under the name Laurent McAllister. In 2008, they sold to the Éditions Bragelonne in Paris a hulking 250,000-word space opera to be published as Suprématie : La vengeance d'Alcaino (Domination: Alcaino's Revenge), in April or May 2009. Laurent McAllister will also be authoring in 2009 a fiction collection, Les Leçons de la cruauté (Cruelty's Lessons), to be published by the Éditions Alire in Quebec City. It will include three stories originally written in French and two originally written in English, published in various venues between 1992 and 2007.

Finally, as a sometime agent-translator, Jean-Louis also sold recently, to Fantasy Magazine, a short story by French author Jean-Claude Dunyach, "Birds," translated by Sheryl Curtis from the French original, « Oiseaux ».