Thursday, October 16, 2008

Steve Vernon's Short Story in Maritime Anthology

Steve Vernon's short story, Shotgun Christmas, is part of a newly published Nimbus Anthology entitled A Maritime Christmas.

From Nimbus:
The Magic of Christmas is always felt strongly in the Maritimes. This collection of yuletide stories is a mixture of true seasonal remembrances and fictional imaginings of the holiday season. Contributions are from over 20 Maritime writers, and touch on all the things that make Christmas so special: traditions, reunions with family and friends, the humour, and sometimes, the hardships. Some of the collection’s contributions are familiar, many are heartwarming, but every story shares the same spirit of the season. This yuletide collection includes many well-known writers such as Harry Thurston, Steve Vernon, David Goss, Chris Mills, Heidi Jardine Stoddart, David Divine, and more.

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