Friday, September 05, 2008

Brent Hayward's Filaria gets good reviews in Quill & Quire and Rue Morgue

Brent Hayward's Filaria (ChiZine Publications) has received good reviews in Quill & Quire and in Rue Morgue.

From Quill & Quire:

"Filaria is a great read, crackling with invention, energy, and suspense. For both ChiZine and Hayward, it’s an auspicious start."

From Rue Morgue:

"What makes Filaria so compelling is Hayward's innovative narrative structure, which effortlessly shifts between the interlocking journeys of four main characters... [T]he heady ideas are brought to life by an increasingly creepy story of artificial intelligence gone very bad, entire ecosystems of mutated creatures both organic and robotic, and a cast of all-too-human characters as frightened and curious as the reader."

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