Sunday, May 25, 2008

Three-interview feature on Aboriginal and First Nations writers, new fiction up on SF Canada site has been updated for spring, and features a fascinating three-interview feature by Celu Amberstone entitled “Aboriginal and First Nations Writers: The Marginalized Voice in Genre Fiction." There's also a short story, "Timestealer," by Steve Stanton.

Here are direct links to the three featured interviews:

Linda DeMeulemeester's The Secret of Grim Hill wins Silver Birch Award

Linda DeMeulemeester's young adult fantasy The Secret of Grim Hill (Lobster Press) has won the Ontario Library Association's Silver Birch Award.

The Silver Birch Award is awarded in fiction, non-fiction and Express categories each May, based on ballots cast by Grade 3, 4, 5 and 6 students earlier in the same month. It's administered by the Ontario Library Association and run by teacher-librarians and teachers in schools and by children's librarians in public libraries.

Other nominees in the fiction category were Baboon by David Jones (Annick Press), Directed by Kaspar Snit by Cary Fagan (Tundra Books), Jakeman by Deborah Ellis (Fitzhenry & Whiteside), Never to be Told by Becky Citra (Orca Book Publishers), Odd Man Out by Sarah Ellis (Groundwood Books), Pigboy by Vicki Grant (Orca Book Publishers), Shadows on the Train by Melanie Jackson (Orca Book Publishers), Torrie and the Snake-Prince by K.V. Johansen (Annick Press) and The Vampire's Visit by David A. Poulsen (Key Porter Books).

Steve Vernon ghost story collection reviewed in The Daily Gleaner

Steve Vernon's collection Wicked Woods: Ghost Stories From Old New Brunswick was reviewed in the New Brunswick newspaper, The Daily Gleaner; the review was also picked up by the Ottawa Sun.

Arthur Slade sells U.S. rights for The Hunchback Assignments to Wendy Lamb Books

Wendy Lamb Books (Random House) has bought American rights for Arthur Slade's four-book series, The Hunchback Assignments. (HarperCollins Canada already has the Canadian rights.) That's a mock-up of the cover at left.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Complete Aurora Award results: two SF Canada members among winners

Two members of SF Canada won Aurora Awards tonight at a banquet held at KeyCon 25 (host of this years CanVention) in Winnipeg.

Hayden Trenholm (left) won the award for Best Short-Form Work in English for his novelette “Like Water in the Desert" (Challenging Destiny #24).

Laurent McAllister, the joint pen name of Jean-Louis Trudel (below) and Yves Meynard, won the award for for Best Short-Form Work in French for “Sur la plage des épaves” (Solaris 164).

Here is the complete list of nominees, with tonight's winners marked in bold, with an asterisk:

Best Long-Form Work in English/Meilleur livre en anglais
Best work of SF or Fantasy in a novel or fiction collection by a Canadian writer, published in 2007.

As Fate Decrees, Denysé Bridger (Edge)
*The New Moon's Arms, Nalo Hopkinson (Warner)
The Moon Under Her Feet, Derwin Mak (Windstorm Creative)
Rollback, Robert J. Sawyer (Tor/Analog)
Cry Wolf, Edo van Belkom (McClelland & Stewart/Tundra)

Meilleur livre en français/Best Long-Form Work in French
Dans la catégorie du meilleur roman ou recueil de fiction publié, écrit par un(e) écrivain(e) canadien(ne) et sorti au Canada en 2007, qui relève de la science-fiction ou du fantastique.

Alegracia et les Xayiris, Dominic Bellavance (Les Six Brumes)
La-haut sur la Colline, Claude Bolduc (Solaris 161 et 164)
*Cimetière du musée, Diane Boudreau (du Phoenix)
Le Parasite, Georges LaFontaine (Guy Saint-Jean)
Arielle Queen, Michel J. Lévesque (Les Intouchables)

Best Short-Form Work in English/Meilleure nouvelle en anglais
For a published SF or Fantasy novella, novelette, short story or poem by a Canadian writer, released in Canada in 2007.

“Falling,” David Clink (On Spec Fall 2007) (poem)
“Saturn in G Minor,” Stephen Kotowych (Writers of the Future XXIII, Galaxy Press) (short story)
“Metamorphoses in Amber,” Tony Pi (Abyss & Apex #24, Q4/2007) (novelette)
“The Dancer at the Red Door,” Douglas Smith (Under Cover of Darkness, Julie E. Czerneda and Jana Paniccia, eds., DAW) (short story)
*“Like Water in the Desert,” Hayden Trenholm (Challenging Destiny #24) (novelette)

Meilleure nouvelle en français/Best Short-Form Work in French
Dans la catégorie de la meilleure nouvelle ou du meilleur poème écrit et publié par un(e) écrivain(e) canadien(ne) et sorti au Canada en 2007, qui elève de la science-fiction ou du fantastique.

“Le Luthier,” Mathieu Fortin (Solaris 162)
“Les Lucioles d'Alliante,” Michèle Laframboise, (QUAD9 magazine 5B, CFORP)
“L'Ancienne famille,” Michel J. Lévesque, (Les Six Brumes)
“Le sang noir,” Michel J. Lévesque (Solaris 161)
*“Sur la plage des épaves,” Laurent MacAllister (Solaris 164)

Best Work in English (Other)/Meilleur ouvrage en anglais (Autre) For SF or Fantasy activity, in English, by a Canadian, in 2007 not encompassed by the previous categories.

Polaris: A Celebration of Polar Science, Julie E. Czerneda, ed., Star Ink Books
*Under Cover of Darkness, Julie E. Czerneda & Jana Paniccia, eds., DAW
Tesseracts Eleven, Cory Doctorow and Holly Phillips, eds., Edge
Neo-opsis magazine, Karl Johanson, ed., Issues 11, 12,& 13
On Spec magazine, Diane Walton, managing ed.

Meilleur ouvrage en français (Autre)/Best Work in French (Other)
Dans la catégorie du meilleur travail relevant de la science-fiction ou du fantastique canadiens en 2007, qui n'est pas compris dans les catégories précédentes.

No Nominations

Artistic Achievement/Accomplissement artistique
For a work or body of work produced by a Canadian artist during 2007. / Pour une oeuvre ou pour la production artistique d'un(e) Canadien(ne) en 2007.

*Lar deSouza (On Spec Winter 2007, Parsec Spring/Summer 2007)
Stephanie Ann Johanson
Neo-opsis Issue 11, March 2007, interior illustrations
Jean-Pierre Normand
Martin Springett
Ronn Sutton (Elvira, Mistress of the Dark 165 and 166 [Jan-Feb 2007], Claypool Comics)

Fan Achievement (Fanzine)/Accomplissement fanique (Fanzine)
For a Canadian fanzine or newsletter relating to SF or Fantasy published in 2007. / Pour un fanzine ou bulletin fanique canadien, qui traite du milieu de la science-fiction ou du fantastique, publié au moins une fois en 2007.

Opuntia, Dale Spiers
*No Award / Pas de prix

Fan Achievement (Organizational)/Accomplissement fanique (Organisation)
For individual contributions to Canadian SF convention or club activities during 2007. / Pour des contributions à des congrès ou des activités de clubs canadiens en 2007.

Debbie Hodgins, KAG
*Penny Lipman, masquerades
Roy Miles, IDIC
Joan Sherman, IDIC
Geoffrey Toop, DWIN

Fan Achievement (Other)/Accomplissement fanique (autre)
For Canadian fan activity in 2007 not encompassed by the previous two categories. / Pour des activités faniques canadiennes en 2007 qui ne sont pas comprises dans les deux catégories précédentes.

*Paul Bobbitt, editor, The Voyageur
Judith Hayman, filk performances
Peggy Warner LaLonde, filk performances
Martin Springett, filk performances
Larry Stewart, master of ceremonies

Monday, May 12, 2008

Dave Duncan sells first book in new series to Tor

Dave Duncan has just sold Speak to the Devil, the first book in a new series, to Liz Gorinsky at Tor Books, via agent Richard Curtis.

Brent Hayward interviewed at Cemetery Dance, reviewed by HorrorScope

Brent Hayward's Filaria (ChiZine Publications) has received a favorable review from the Australian site HorrorScope. As well, Cemetery Dance has published an interview with Brent about, in his words, "Filaria, writing, music and explosives."

Catherine MacLeod sells short-short zombie story

Catherine MacLeod has sold just sold a short-short story called "Zombie Season" to Bits of the Dead (An Illustrated Flash Fiction Zombie Anthology) (Coscom Entertainment).

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Holly Phillips launches new website, new stories

Holly Phillips now has a website, at Holly also reports that her novel, The Engine's Child (Del Rey), will be in stores on November 25, 2008, "just in time for Christmas buying."

The "gorgeous, fantastic, thrillingly beautiful cover" is by David Ho.
Holly's story "The Small Door" will be appearing on the new Fantasy Magazine website the third week in May, while "Proving the Rule," a dark fantasy novella, will be appearing in Marvin Kaye's latest anthology of long fiction, The Book of Wizards, published by Bookspan for the Science Fiction Book Club.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Edward Willett to be writer-in-residence at Regina high school

Edward Willett will be writer-in-residence for three weeks at Michael A. Riffel High School in Regina this spring, talking to classes and working with aspiring writers.

Ed just completed his second year as one of the mentors for the Saskatchewan Writers' Guild's Online Youth Mentorship Program, in which he worked with three young writers for six weeks. Three other mentors also worked with three students each; the whole thing wrapped up with production of a chapbook containing the students' writing and a group reading at McNally Robinson Bookstore in Saskatoon.

Simon Rose interviewed by Kamloops This Week

Kamloops This Week recently interviewed Simon Rose in conjunction with his visit to local schools and the Young Writers Conference there.

Catherine MacLeod sells novella to Pantechnicon anthology

Catherine MacLeod's novella "The Ace of Chameleons" has been accepted for the Pantechnicon anthology, due out in July.

Nathalie Mallet interviewed at The First Book

Scott William Carter recently interviewed Nathalie Mallet at The First Book:

"I always wanted to write. I made a few attempts throughout the years, but only really became serious about it recently. I told myself, 'If I don't do it now, it will never happen.' . . ."

You can read the rest of the interview here.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

SF Waxes Philosophical, edited by Ahmed A. Khan, now available

SF Waxes Philosophical, edited by Ahmed A. Khan, is now available from ZC Books.

The anthology features speculative fiction with philosophical underpinnings, and includes stories by Michael Bishop, Steven Utley, Ted Kosmatka, Jetse De Vries, Douglas Van Belle and nine other writers.Each story is accompanied by an author's note detailing the philosophy utilized in the story. The cover is by Laura Givens.