Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Alison Lohans YA historical novel out in New Zealand

Alison Lohans has some non-SF writing news to report: her young adult historical novel This Land We Call Home is now out from Raupo/Pearson Education (NZ) Ltd. - but not yet available in North America, as a corporate takeover resulted in the loss of the Canadian distributor.

"This dual p.o.v. novel addresses the issue of the World War II Japanese American relocation camps, and is set partially in rural California where I grew up, as well as in Poston (Arizona) Camp III where my mother taught elementary school," Alison says.

Alison is also awaiting author copies of the anthology Crossing Lines, Poets Who Came to Canada in the Vietnam War Era, edited by Allan Briesmaster and Steven Michael Berzensky and released by Seraphim Editions this week.

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