Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Michael R. Colangelo story upcoming in City Slab

Michael R. Colangelo's story "Blacklight" will appear in an issue of City Slab later this year.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Eileen Kernaghan's The Snow Queen on Simon Fraser University course list

Eileen Kernaghan's young adult novel The Snow Queen (Thistledown Press) is one of the assigned texts for a Simon Fraser University course on "The Influence of Early Nordic Writings on English Literature." Other authors on the list are Shakespeare, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Philip Pullman, and Hans Christian Andersen.

Hayden Trenholm's Defining Diana launching at Ad-Astra March 28

The launch of Hayden Trenholm's new novel, Defining Diana, published by Bundoran Press, will be held on Friday, March 28, from 8 to 9 p.m. at the Ad Astra Science Fiction Convention in Toronto.

From the back cover:

Found naked and alone in a locked room, the beautiful woman was in perfect health--except she was dead...

It’s 2043 and much has changed: nuclear war, biotechnology and all-powerful corporations have transformed the world...

Now science is taking DNA manipulation to new, unrestricted levels.

Superintendent Frank Steele is an old-fashioned cop. He commands a small, elite police unit that is handed all the bizarre and baffling cases no one else can solve. He knows the money, murders, missing persons and gruesome body shops are all connected...

He knows it starts with the girl...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Edward Willett's Marseguro gets an A from Sci-Fi Weekly

Edward Willett's new SF novel Marseguro (DAW) received an A from reviewer Lois H. Gresh at Sci-Fi Weekly, who concludes, "Overall...the flaws are minor, and this book is almost impossible to put down. Even people who are afraid of the water will love this book. Highly recommended."

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cover art for Steve Vernon's Gypsy Blood

Here's the cover art for Steve Vernon's first full-length novel, Gypsy Blood, Book 1 of the Carnival Cycle, coming soon from Five Star.

From the back cover:

Carnival is a part-time fortune-teller and occult troubleshooter and full-time pain in the neck. Do you have a banshee that needs a tonsillectomy? Call Carnival. Do you need to give the yo-ho-heave-ho to some troublesome pirate-ghosts? Call Carnival. What about that mummy that thinks she is a rap artist? Call Carnival.

Carnival is a Gypsy. His poppa calls him a poshrat. That's Rom for half blood. Carnival never listened to his poppa when he was alive but these days he doesn't have much of a choice. It serves Carnival right for sticking his poppa so close to his heart. What a way to treat a dead relative.

But that's Carnival for you. A really spontaneous kind of guy. Like when he gives that succubus a permanent case of lockjaw. Or when he invites a full grown demon into a bathtub for a little scrub-a-dub. Or when he falls in love with a vampire. Can you picture that? Forget about safe sex. Love with a vampire sucks.

GYPSY BLOOD is a fast paced, dark, funny and terrifying novel, like nothing you've ever read before. The whole thing rolls like an avalanche of skateboards, building to a climactic battle royale between Carnival, a two-timing vampire, a she-demon with a mother complex, a social climbing blood god, the collective spirit of the city and a mercenary mariachi band riding in a rickshaw.

Flip a card, flip a page - your fate is in your hands.

Steve Vernon collection Nothing to Lose being reprinted

Burning Effigy Press in Toronto is releasing a reprint of Steve Vernon's collection Nothing to Lose, which includes "The Glint of Moonlight on Broken Glass," "Lamprey Fellatio" and "The Frozen Axe of Winter Love."

Nothing to Lose was originally released last year by Nocturne Press, "minutes before going belly-up," Steve says. A review of the original release is here.

Edward Willett interviewed by Sci-Fi Wire

There's a brief interview with Edward Willett (focused on his new novel Marseguro) up at Sci-Fi Wire, the news service of the U.S.'s Sci-Fi Channel.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Cover art for Holly Phillips's The Engine's Child

Here's the cover for The Engine's Child by Holly Phillips, which which is to be released by Del Rey just in time for the World Fantasy Convention in Calgary this October. (Via If You Can't Say Anything Nice...)

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Dave Duncan's The Alchemist's Pursuit, third in series, accepted by Ace

Dave Duncan reports that Ace has accepted the manuscript of The Alchemist's Pursuit, the third of his historical-mystery-fantasies set in Renaissance Venice, following The Alchemist's Apprentice (now out in mass-market paperback) and The Alchemist's Code (just released in trade paperback). As well, Audible has purchased the audio rights to the trilogy for audio download/disk production.