Friday, February 15, 2008

Good review for Edward Willett's Marseguro at SF Scope

Ian Randal Strock has posted a very nice review of Edward Willett's new novel Marseguro at SF Scope. Here are the first couple of paragraphs:

The title of Edward Willett's new novel, Marseguro, refers to a water world far distant from Earth in space, but scant weeks away in travel time. Willett has assumed several technological advances in order for this novel to work: genesculpting, cloning, faster-than-light travel via brane space, and a Heinleinian "If this Goes On" of a religious dictatorship in the United States. But the pieces all come together nicely to tell a good story of the man who created a new race of amphibious humans, and the results of his efforts to protect them from the growing threat of religious zealots.

The book gets off to a slow start, but it picks up speed, and eventually finds itself steamrolling to an inevitable, but satisfying and enjoyable conclusion.