Saturday, November 24, 2007

John Littlle's "Placeholders" sells out, gets rave reviews

John R. Little's novelette, "Placeholders," published as a limited-edition chapbook (275 copies) by Necessary Evil Press a couple of months ago quickly sold out all copies. Reviews have been good:

"Get your hands on a copy of Placeholders or you are going to miss out on one of the finest pieces of fiction I have seen come down the pipeline in the last few years. I am delighted and thrilled by and just slightly in awe of Placeholders. I simply can't recommend it enough." - James A. Moore

"The story is...well...I don't want to summarize the story. It's too good and I'd rather you go into the story the same as I, without knowing what the damn thing was about and experiencing the confusion, the love, the compassion, the fear. I want you to experience the sprinkling of the clues, of John's masterful storytelling abilities as he leads you to the realizations of what's happening." - Hellnotes

"I wondered if it were possible for John Little to top The Memory Tree, and I'm not sure that Placeholders achieves that. But when you're talking about comparing stories as rich, emotional and so damned well-written as Placeholders and The Memory Tree, it's a moot point. Both are so rewarding and just plain entertaining. The simple truth is, John Little has quickly become one of the best in a field where mediocrity is all too often the norm." - Horror Drive-In

"John R. Little’s Placeholders is a strange, mind-bending trip that opens with a blow to the solar plexus that leaves the reader gasping for breath. Little is a wildly talented writer whose writing is matched only by his extraordinary imagination." - Ray Garton

"Placeholders confirms my suspicion that John R. Little is the 'Lost' generation’s answer to Jack Finney; this intelligent, beautifully-structured, and often deeply-moving novelette is full of surprises, is endlessly inventive, and steers refreshingly clear of the usual tired cliches associated with time-travel stories – though to call Placeholders a simple time-travel story is to do a great injustice to this tidy mind-bender. Sit back and let John R. Little take you on a splendid journey – and watch out for the last scenes; you never see it coming." - Gary A. Braunbeck