Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Matt Hughes auctioning signed books and magazines

To raise money for his impending relocation to England, where he intends to take up a secondary career as a housesitter while continuing to write fiction, Matthew Hughes is auctioning off stuff at his website he hopes may be of interest to collectors at his website. There are three lots (so far):

Lot 1 -- Fools Errant hardcover: this is the original 1994 Maxwell Macmillan Canada edition, signed, in near mint condition (it's unread but it's been moved around from time to time) and dust-jacketed. Only 750 copies were printed, and most of them went to Canadian libraries.

Lot 2 -- Black Brillion proof: this is a Advanced Reading Copy paperback, with no artwork on the cover, signed, in mint condition.

Lot 3 -- Magazines: a complete set of Matt's magazine appearances from recent years. In total, there are 21 stories, 16 from Fantasy and Science Fiction, two from Asimov's, two from Postscripts, and one from Interzone. Each story is signed on the page where it starts. Matt will also throw in signed copies of his two stories in Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine and a Czech and Russian edition of Fantasy and Science Fiction with a couple of his pieces.