Monday, May 07, 2007

Several SF Canada members at Write On, Vancouver

Several members of SF Canada attended Write On, Vancouver, a conference held by the Vancouver Chapter of the Romance Writers of America. Author Nancy Kress was the keynote speaker, and other guests of honour included Bantam Dell editor Anne Lesley Groell and local agent Sally Harding.

Left to right: Celu Amberstone, Eileen Kernaghan, Jo Beverley, Karen Abrahamson, Colleen Anderson, Rhea Rose, Nina Munteanu, and Linda DeMeulemeester, whom Nina Munteanu collectively dubbed "the SF Witches of WestCoast."

Adds Nina, "Who else would crash a Romance writers conference to hear the sagely advice of Nancy Kress? One of us (I won't name names) didn't even realize it was a romance writers conference, having made the logical deduction based on Nancy Kress being there. I think she may have learned a lot more than she bargained for."