Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Lots of news from Jean-Louis Trudel

Jean-Louis Trudel reports the young adult novel Le maître des bourrasques (Master of Squalls) authored by "Laurent McAllister" (a pen name for Jean-Louis and Yves Meynard) is one of three finalists for the Prix jeunesse 2007 de science-fiction et de fantastique québécois, the winner of which will be announced at Quebec City's international Salon du livre (book fair) on April 11. The winner gets $1,000.

Jean-Louis's essay "Looking for Little Green Men" was translated and published in the Danish publication Proxima (issue 84), a fanzine or academic publication put out by fans since 1974.

Jean-Louis has resold the rights for his (non-SF) short story "Le club des branchés" to the Council of Atlantic Ministers of Education and Training for three years, thus allowing its use in francophone schools in that part of the country

As well, his short story "La solitude des dieux," which was runner-up in the 2006 Prix Solaris competition, will appear in the next issue of Solaris (issue 162), his short story "Les attentions de la machine" sold to the Franco-Ontarian literary magazine Virages, appearing in issue 38, his short story "La goutte d'eau" was reprinted in the French fanzine Géante Rouge 5, his short story "Les galions de la mer de sable" will appear in the Belgian on-line webzine Phénix, his short story "La nuit avant l'orage" appeared in the Toronto literary magazine Langage et créativité 3 (2005-2006), and his short story "Un voyage extraordinaire" appeared in a small press chapbook, Les enfants du capitaine Verne. 2. Demain, published in late 2006.