Thursday, June 29, 2006

Phyllis Gotlieb novel sold to Robert J. Sawyer Books

Phyllis Gotlieb has sold her latest novel, Birthstones, to Robert J. Sawyer Books. Sawyer writes on his blog:

I am honoured and thrilled to have just acquired the latest novel by Phyllis Gotlieb for my imprint.

In the 1960s, Phyllis was the only significant Canadian science fiction writer; in a profile of her in Maclean's, I was quoted as calling her "the grandmother of us all." Her most-recent book was Mindworlds, published by Tor; her first novel was Sunburst, after which the Canadian award for fantastic literature is named.

Phyllis's new novel is Birthstones, and it is a wonderful far-future, off-Earth, spaceships-and-aliens novel set in Gotlieb's famed Galactic Federation. We'll be releasing it in the spring of next year.

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