Friday, June 02, 2006

Jeanne, Spider Robinson seek fan support for Stardance film

Jeanne Robinson--wife of writer Spider Robinson--was shortlisted to go into space aboard the Shuttle as part of the NASA's Civilians in Space program. After the Challenger disaster, that program got canceled, and Jeanne never got to go into space, where she would have pioneered zero-gravity dance, as described in their Hugo-winning Stardance that she and Spider wrote together.

But the dream lives on. Spider, Jeanne, and Michael Lennick--producer of Discovery Channel's Rocket Science, and effects maestro for the films of David Cronenberg--plus Hugo-winning artist Ron Miller, graphics designer Jack Senett, composer James Raymond, and line producer Lynn Fuhr have teamed up to make a computer-generated film based on Stardance.

Jeanne, Spider, and the rest of their team need the support of fans to make the Stardance film a reality. Full details are online here.

The film's grand opening is scheduled for July 7, 2007, Robert A. Heinlein's 100th birthday, as part of the Heinlein Centennial Celebrations in Kansas City, Missouri.

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