Sunday, March 06, 2005

Tesseracts Nine anthology features many SF Canada members

Tesseracts Nine, the latest edition of the long-running anthology of Canadian speculative fiction, about to be released by EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing, will feature work by several SF Canada members.

Introduced by editors Nalo Hopkinson and Geoff Ryman, Tesseracts Nine features Anthony MacDonald and Jason Mehmel, Jerome Stueart, Yves Meynard, Candas Jane Dorsey, E. L. Chen, Sandra Kasturi, Steve Stanton, Élisabeth Vonarburg, Timothy J. Anderson, Daniel Sernine, Dan Rubin, Nancy Kilpatrick, Alette J. Willis, Rhea Rose, Casey June Wolf, Sarah Totton, Marg Gilks, Claude Lalumière, Peter Watts and Derryl Murphy, Sylvie Bérard, Rene Beaulieu, Pat Forde, Allan Weiss, Sheryl Curtis, Howard Scott, Nalo Hopkinson and Geoff Ryman.

Since the publication of Tesseracts One, edited by the late Judith Merrill, the entire Tesseracts series has presented works from over 150 Canadian speculative fiction writers, many of whom have built brilliant careers: Margaret Atwood, William Gibson, Robert Sawyer, Élisabeth Vonarburg and others.

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