Thursday, March 31, 2005

New Douglas Smith fantasy story in upcoming DAW anthology

Douglas Smith will have a new fantasy story, "The Last Ride," in an upcoming anthology from DAW entitled Hags, Harpies, Sirens & Sorceresses, edited by Denise Little of Tekno Books.

Two of Doug's stories will be reprinted in Italian by Delos Books. "Scream Angel" (Low Port anthology, 2003), winner of the 2004 Aurora Award, will appear in their quarterly print magazine, Robot, which has recently featured fiction by Ian Watson, Robert J. Sawyer, Robert Sheckley, and Neil Gaiman. The related story, "Enlightenment" (InterZone #194), will appear in Delos, their well-known online magazine and multiple winner of the Italia and Europa awards. "Scream Angel" will also be translated and reprinted in Science Fiction Magazine in Denmark.

Doug's YA SF story "Jigsaw," which first appeared in Odyssey (#4 in the anthology series Tales from the Wonder Zone, edited by Julie Czerneda), will be reprinted in the Fall 2005 "SF Mysteries" issue of Oceans of the Mind. Doug's novelette "Spirit Dance" (Tesseracts 6 and The Third Alternative #22) will be reprinted for the 17th time in Dragão Quântico in Portugal.

Doug has also recently posted the March update to his foreign market list on his web site.

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