Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Joe Mahoney developing new SF anthology show Emanations for CBC Radio

Joe Mahoney reports that the science fiction radio show Faster Than Light that he's been developing for the last couple of years "is no more." Says Joe, "I've also been developing another SF show with Rob Sawyer and Michael Lennick called Emanations, which is more of a straight-up SF anthology series, and we've opted to go with it as opposed to FTL, at least for the time being. We'll be producing the first episode of Emanations, an original half-hour drama called "Birth," in March, to be broadcast (hopefully!) shortly

Joe notes he is also producing a non-genre piece called "Worms For Sale," written by Stacy Gardner, "a wonderfully charming piece set in Newfoundland." He adds, "I'm trying to convince Stacy to include some spaceships or aliens, but so far she's not biting."

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