Thursday, December 09, 2004

Joe Mahoney, Robert J. Sawyer revamping third pilot of SF radio show Faster Than Light

Joe Mahoney reports that he and Robert J. Sawyer have been given resources to revamp the third pilot for their science fiction radio show Faster Than Light ("We're calling this version FTL 3.1," Joe says), assisted by producer Alison Moss, with whom Joe worked on Nora Young's show NEXT last summer. "The CBC brass definitely believe in Faster Than Light," Joe says. "They've sunk quite a bit of money into developing it. They've told us to take our time and get it absolutely right before handing it in, and we're definitely taking them up on that. Rob was in last week and we were trying to hammer out a number of issues such as tone and overall approach. We're going to finish it after Christmas sometime."

Joe is also producing another project that Sawyer is writing with Michael Lennick, a pilot for a potential series of original SF dramas called Emanations. "The pilot episode is called 'Birth'...we've just approved the outline and they are currently writing the first draft," Joe says.

He also reports that he recently recorded an SF pilot directed by Tom Anniko, a comedy called Steve the First which has been picked up for several episodes. They'll be recorded and aired shortly. Joe says there are several other SF dramas in development, although not all of them will make it to production.

Check Joe's Web site for updates.

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