Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Film version of Joël Champetier's La Peau Blanche sold internationally

Rights to the film version of Joël Champetier's novel La Peau Blanche (White Skin), which was directed by Daniel Roby and won Best First Canadian Feature Film Festival at the Toronto Film Festival, have now been sold to Tiberius Film in Germany, Selectavision in Spain, Terra Entertainment for Ex-Yugoslavia and Eureka Entertainment for Thailand. The film has also been sold to Starz Encore in the U.S.

"We are very pleased with the market reception for White Skin, following its successful premiere at the Toronto Film Festival," says Executive Producer John Hamilton, co-president of Seville Entertainment, which produced and distributed the film and is now selling it abroad. "The film continues to gather strong critical praise around the world, which is driving sales internationally."

"We are particularly excited about the re-make potential of the film," adds Seville Co-President David Reckziegel. "There is a huge demand for films in the Horror and paranormal genre. All the major U.S. studios and several independents are considering the film for an English re-make."

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