Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Maggie L. Wood novel short-listed for Red Maple Award

Maggie L. Wood's fantasy The Princess Pawn has been short-listed for the 2005 Red Maple Award.

The Red Maple Award offers Grade 7 and 8 Ontario students who have read a minimum number of nominated titles the opportunity to vote for the nominated title they feel should win. Students are encouraged to view the information about authors and the books on a special web site created for registrants. The site includes e-mail access to most of the authors and a bulletin board through which students may share their thoughts on the books. Voting for most registrants is also electronic.

Dave Duncan sells two-book fantasy series to Tor

Dave Duncan has sold a two-book fantasy series to Tor, per agent Richard Curtis.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Judy McCrosky elected president of Saskatchewan Writers' Guild

Judy McCrosky was elected president of the Saskatchewan Writers' Guild at the organization's annual general meeting in Saskatoon October 17.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Edward Willett biography of Tolkien up for Saskatchewan Book Award

Edward Willett's book J.R.R. Tolkien: Master of Imaginary Worlds (Enslow Publishers) has been shortlisted for a Saskatchewan Book Award in the category of children's literature.

Others shortlisted in the same category--several of which have fantasy elements--are Mary Harelkin Bishop for Tunnels of Treachery (Coteau Books), Beth Goobie for Flux (Orca Books), Rebecca Grambo and Dianna Bonder for Digging Canadian Dinosaurs (Whitecap Books), Judith Silverthorne for Dinosaur Breakfast (Coteau Books) and Arthur Slade for Ghost Hotel (Coteau Books).

In all, 52 Saskatchewan authors and eight provincial publishers have been shortlisted for Saskatchewan Book Awards in 13 categories; a total of 92 titles were submitted, a record number. The awards, which include a cheque for $2,000, will be handed out at a gala dinner on November 27.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Mark Shainblum story online at Would That It Were

Mark Shainblum's story "The Break Inspector" has gone online at Would That It Were; read it here.

Nina Munteanu sells story to Erotic Tales

Nina Munteanu has sold her SF short story "Five Minutes" to Justus Roux's Erotic Tales, for the December 2004 issue.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Alyx Dellamonica story up at SciFiction

Alyx Dellamonica's story, "Ruby, in the Storm," is now officially out on SciFiction. Says Alyx, "The direct link to the story is the usual long thing, but you can get there quickly and easily from my site."

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Ahmed A. Khan story in British mag

Ahmed A. Khan's story "My Girl Cindy" has been accepted by the British magazine Leafing Through. The story will appear in the December issue.

An article by Ahmed about non-verbal communication, originally published in Strange Horizons, has been accepted (after a major re-write) for publication in Visions, an Australian magazine. The article will be published in the February issue.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Three Mark Anthony Brennan tales appearing soon

Mark Anthony Brennan's story "Freezer Burn" will be featured in the horror anthology Monsters Ink, which will be available before Christmas. His story "Humpback IV" is scheduled to appear in Here & Now, also due out before Christmas. Early in 2005, the short story "der Wahrsager" can be seen in Hadrosaur Tales.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Michael Libling story in December F&SF

Michael Libling's short story "Christmas in the Catskills" will be appearing in the December issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Four stories out soon from Mark A. Rayner

One of Mark A. Rayner's cyberpunk tales, "The Ghost and Its King," was published by Neometropolis in September. In addition, Mark has just sold three other stories: "A Reluctant Emcee" will be in Abyss & Apex this month, "The Feet Feelers of Frigheim Nine" will be on the Fortean Bureausite, probably in December, and Trunk Stories will soon be publishing what Mark calls "one of the silliest things I've ever written": "The Monkey's Tail, as Told by Marcel Duchamp the Day After Charles Lindbergh Landed at Le Bourget Field."

2004 MiC Newsletter Prix Aurora Award Supplement online

The 2004 edition of the MiC Newsletter Prix Aurora Award Supplement is now online. The supplement, prepared by Don Bassie, is designed to help Canadians vote on the 2004 Prix Aurora Awards. There you will find links to as much information on the nominees as Don could gather, including excerpts and cover art from all of the English Long-Form works, full texts of all of the English Short-Form works, samples from the Artistic Achievement nominees, and lots more.

Simon Rose novel up for Silver Birch Award

Simon Rose's second novel, The Sorcerer's Letterbox, has been short-listed for the 2005 Silver Birch Award, presented by the Ontario Library Association.

The Sorcerer's Letterbox has also been short-listed for the 2005 Golden Eagle Award, nominated by school students in Southern Alberta.