Thursday, September 02, 2004

Rave review for Island Dreams in Asimov's

A rave review for the Claude Lalumière-edited anthology Island Dreams: Montreal Writers of the Fantastic (Vehicule Press) in the October/November issue of Asimov's. Paul Di Filippo writes:

With Island Dreams: Montreal Writers of the Fantastic...editor Claude Lalumiere has assembled one of the best original anthologies of the year. Pleasingly heavy on cyberpunk visions of the future, yet with a fair smattering of slipstream and fantasy, this book strikes a beautiful balance among fabulist modes. Yves Menard hits notes of Ballardian excellence in 'In Yerusalom,' his tale of an alien city plonked down in the middle of North America, while Glenn Grant roars on overdrive through his future police procedural, 'Burning Day.' Melissa Yuan-Innes delivers a Bradburyian shocker in 'Mrs. Marigold's House' and Mark Shainblum does military SF intelligently and gracefully in 'Endogamy Blues.' The other eight countributors are no dull mooseheads either. Highly recommended.

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