Friday, August 13, 2004

Several stories from Claude Lalumière's anthologies
included in Year's Best Fantasy & Horror

The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror 17 anthology lists several Canadian stories in its honorable mentions, including a number of stories from anthologies edited by Claude Lalumière. From Open Space, honorable-mention stories were "Hold Back the Night" by Colleen Anderson; "Chimère" by Marcelle Dubé; "Leavings of Shroud House: An Inventory" by Richard Gavin, "Appetite" by Nicholas Knight, "The Traumatized Generation by Murray Leeder, "The Banshee of Cholera Bay" by Jes Sugrue, and "The Woman Who Danced on the Prairie" by Steve Vernon.

Honorable-mention stories from Island Dreams were Dora Knez's "The Dead Park," Martin Last's "Carnac," Elise Moser's "Human Rites" and Shane Simmons's "Carrion Luggage." Stories from Witpunk that received honorable mentions were Elise Moser's "The Seven-Day Itch" and "Kapuzine and the Wolf: A Hortatory Tale" by Laurent McAllister (a.k.a. Yves Meynard and Jean-Louis Trudel).

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