Monday, March 08, 2004

La Peau blanche considered for Cannes

The movie La Peau blanche, based on the novel by Jo�l Champetier, who co-wrote the screenplay with Daniel Roby, is one of the three Canadian movies being considered to compete in the Cannes Festival in the category "La Quinzaine des r�alisateurs." This is a pre-selection--they are not assured yet that the movie will compete. But, says Joel, "since those three movies were preferred by the pre-selection judges in a pool of 49 English and French Canadian movie, it is very comforting on a personal level."

You can read about the process of bringing La Peau blanche to the screen here. The film will open Friday, April 9; a trade paperback reissue of the novel, with the movie poster as the cover, is due out this month.

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