Monday, March 29, 2004

Made in Canada newsletter returns

Don Bassie's Made in Canada Newsletter has returned after a year-long hiatus. In the current issue, you can read Douglas Smith's novelette "Scream Angel" from the 2003 anthology Low Port; enjoy Dennis Valdron's essay "The Starlost: A New Perspective," an examination of the Canadian perspective of "The worst SF series ever," and peruse Velvet Delorey's review of Humans, the sequel to Robert J. Sawyer's Hugo-winning novel Hominids. Many authors' pages have also been updated.

Friday, March 26, 2004

Ahmed Khan sells story to H.P. Lovecraft's Magazine

Ahmed Khan has sold his short story "Hello Dolly" to H.P. Lovecraft's Magazine, edited by George Scithers.

Simon Rose launching The Sorcerer's Letterbox May 8

Simon Rose's second novel for young readers, The Sorcerer's Letterbox, will be officially launched at Chapters, 9631 Macleod Trail South, Calgary, on Saturday, May 8 at 1 p.m. The afternoon will feature an introduction to The Sorcerer's Letterbox, a reading, a question and answer session, book signing and prize draws.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Sherry D. Ramsey poem in Astropoetica

Sherry D. Ramsey's poem "Ghosts and Dark Objects" will appear in the next issue of Astropoetica.

Monday, March 22, 2004

Three SF Canada members up for
ForeWord Magazine's SF Book of the Year Award

�lisabeth Vonarburg's novel Dreams of the Sea (Tesseract Books) and Lynda Williams and Alison Sinclair's novel Throne Price (Edge) are finalists for ForeWord Magazine's Book of the Year Award in the science fiction category.

The ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Awards were established six years ago to bring increased attention to the literary achievements of independent presses and their authors. There are Gold, Silver and Bronze awards in each category, plus Editor's Choice Prizes for fiction and nonfiction. The awards will be presented at BookExpo America in Chicago on June 4.

Other finalists in the science fiction category are Arcalian Apocalypse by Michael Anthony Cariola (1stBooks), The Hand in the Mirror by M. Bradley Davis (1stBooks), Younger by Judith Sulzberger (Apple Trees Productions), The Light of Eidon by Karen Hancock (Bethany House), and Ring by Koji Suzuki (Vertical Inc.).

Good reviews for Canadian anthologies

There have been lots of good reviews for two anthologies edited by Claude Lalumi�re and featuring work by a number of SF Canada members. Paul Di Filippo reviewed Open Space: New Canadian Fantastic Fiction for Science Fiction Weekly and gave it an A; other reviews have been posted at Challenging Destiny and SF Site.

Reviews for Island Dreams: Montreal Writers of the Fantastic are online at Challenging Destiny and BiblioTravel. In Locus Magazine, Rich Horton called Island Dreams "one of the best original anthologies I've seen in 2003."

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Nina Munteanu story nominated for Fountain Award

Nina Munteanu's short story "Angel's Promises," which is currently online at GateWay SF, has been nominated for the SLF (Speculative Literature Foundation) Fountain Award for 2004.

Claude Lalumi�re resells story to SDO Fantasy, announces new Lost Pages

Claude Lalumi�re's 2002 story "Let Evil Beware!" has been bought by Mark Anthony Brennan for republication in the forthcoming April 2004 "Monsters" issue of SDO Fantasy. This is Claude's first reprint.

Claude's 'zine Lost Pages just posted its latest update, dated March 21.

Finally, Claude wrote the introduction for the just-released Spanish edition of Paul Di Filippo's collection Lost Pages (P�ginas Perdidas, Grupo Editorial AJEC). The introduction will appear in English in a forthcomnig issue of The New York Review of Science Fiction.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

�lisabeth Vonarburg's Dreams of the Sea reviewed

There's an excellent review of �lisabeth Vonarburg's novel Dreams of the Sea on SF Site.

Cory Doctorow makes cover of NOW

Cory Doctorow is on the cover of NOW magazine. Says Cory, "It's a great story; unfortunately, I got substantially misquoted here and there, including in some ways that are potentially hurtful to friends, so I wanted to post some errata:  My thesis was about fringe culture and the Internet; I got a job programming, not advertising, CDROMs; and the entertainment industry is worth $60 billion, not million; I was considered the best writer in my school workshops, not my professional ones."

UPDATE: Cory's latest novel, Eastern Standard Tribe, is reviewed here by the Onion A.V. Club. Entertainment Weekly also reviewed it, giving it a B-. Cory is offering free downloads of Eastern Standard Tribe from his website.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Lynda Williams adds to Okal Rel universe

Lynda Williams has three publications coming out in the next year. Courtesan Prince, prequel to Throne Price, published by Edge, will appear in the fall
of 2004. This is Novel #1 in the 10-part series. Novellas Kath and Mekan'stan, additional stories set in the Okal Rel Universe, are forthcoming from Windstorm Creative in April.

Lynda is hosting a writing contest for stories set within the Okal Rel Universe. Prizes will include publication in an anthology. Details are available here.

Monday, March 15, 2004

Another Asimov's sale for Matt Hughes

Matt Hughes reports another sale to Asimov's Science Fiction, his 10th sale to a professional magazine since July.

Friday, March 12, 2004

Brett Alexander Savory-edited West Memphis Three anthology coming in October

Brett Alexander Savory and M. W. Anderson's West Memphis Three anthology will be published in early October by Arsenal Pulp Press .

The anthology is called Last Pentacle of the Sun: Writings in Support of the West Memphis Three. Sales of the book will raise money for the defense of the "West Memphis Three," young men tried and found guilty of a murder through what many people see as a disturbing pattern of public hysterics, official misconduct, and completely illogical judicial conclusions, not because of evidence, but because they wore black, listened to heavy metal music, and liked horror fiction. This site has been created to raise awareness of the case. Two films about the case are also coming out later this year--a feature film, West Memphis Three, and Devil's Knot, based on Mara Leveritt's book.

Last Pentacle of the Sun: Writings in Support of the West Memphis Three will be made up of 13 works of fiction and eight works of non-fiction, plus one set of lyrics, some black-and-white photos, and several black-and-white illustrations. Contributors are (in alphabetical order): Peg Aloi, Clive Barker, Joe Berlinger & Bruce Sinofsky, Gary A. Braunbeck, Poppy Z. Brite & Caitlin R. Kiernan, Stephen Dedman, Adam Greene & David Niall Wilson, James Hetfield, Brian Hodge, Gerard Houarner, Philip Jenkins, Mara Leveritt, Bentley Little, Simon Logan, Michael Marano, Elizabeth Massie, James Morrow, Scott Nicholson, Mike Oliveri, Grove Pashley, John Pelan, Adam Roberts, Burk Sauls, Peter Straub, and Paul G. Tremblay.

Bruce Ballon's game supplement on preliminary Stoker ballot

Bruce Ballon's role-playing game supplement "From the Files of Matthews GenTech" has made it on to the preliminary ballot for a Bram Stoker Award. "It ended up the highest recommended work of the year in Alt Forms (must have been all those shoggoths with brass tentacle attachments I let loose), " Bruce notes.

Donna Farley's story "Egg" in current Cicada

Donna Farley's short story "Egg" is in the March-April issue of the teen literary magazine Cicada.

Cory Doctorow a Nebula Award finalist

Cory Doctorow's story "0wnz0red" (Salon, August 2002) is one of the finalists in the Best Novelette category for this year's Nebula Awards. Other nominees for Best Novelette are "Mask of the Rex" by Richard Bowes (Fantasy & Science Fiction, May 2002), "Of a Sweet Slow Dance in the Wake of Temporary Dogs" by Adam-Troy Castro (Imaginings, edited by Keith R. A. DeCandido, Pocket Books, August 2003), "The Empire of Ice Cream" by Jeffrey Ford (SCI FICTION, February 26, 2003), and "The Wages of Syntax" by Ray Vukcevich (SCI FICTION, October 16, 2002).

The Nebula Awards will be awarded the weekend of April 15-18 in Seattle.

Ahmed A. Kahn sells three stories

Ahmed A. Khan's short story "Close Encounters of the Prepostrous Kind" has been accepted for publication at The Writers Publishing, and is scheduled to appear in their summer issue.

Ahmed's stories will also appear in Spin (Finland) and The Dramaturges of Yann (Greece), thanks to Douglas Smith's Foreign Language Market List.

Kate Riedel story online at Anotherealm

Kate Riedel's story "Brother's Keeper" is online at Anotherealm; read it here.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Mark Anthony Brennan sells story to Neverary

Not to be outdone by the other two Marks, Mark Anthony Brennan just sold his alternate history short story "Loyalists" to Neverary.

Catherine MacLeod sells story to On Spec

Catherine MacLeod just sold her short story "Stick House" to On Spec.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Mark Shainblum scripting new webcomic

Mark Shainblum has taken a step back into writing comics and superheroes with Canadiana, a new webcomic created by PEI illustrator Sandy Carruthers. Sandy is inking over pencils by fellow Island artist Jeff Alward. Mark scripted the first six pages of the weekly web series over Sandy's outline and existing artwork, but has since taken over writing the storyline from scratch. New pages appear weekly at

Mark A. Rayner story in latest Paradox

Paradox published Mark A. Rayner's alternate history tale, "The Consolation of Victory," in its January issue.

E. L. Chen sells two short stories

E. L. Chen has recently sold stories to Challenging Destiny ("Tickling the Siroko's Chin") and Ideomancer ("The Senses Pentaptych").

Monday, March 08, 2004

La Peau blanche considered for Cannes

The movie La Peau blanche, based on the novel by Jo�l Champetier, who co-wrote the screenplay with Daniel Roby, is one of the three Canadian movies being considered to compete in the Cannes Festival in the category "La Quinzaine des r�alisateurs." This is a pre-selection--they are not assured yet that the movie will compete. But, says Joel, "since those three movies were preferred by the pre-selection judges in a pool of 49 English and French Canadian movie, it is very comforting on a personal level."

You can read about the process of bringing La Peau blanche to the screen here. The film will open Friday, April 9; a trade paperback reissue of the novel, with the movie poster as the cover, is due out this month.

Ahmed A. Khan story now online

Ahmed A. Khan's story "The End" has been published in Anotherealm; read it here.

Celu Amberstone sells to anthology

Celu Amberstone's short story "Refugees" has sold to Nalo Hopkinson's anthology So Long Dreaming. The anthology will be out sometime in late spring or early summer.

Members' News Winter 2004

Bruce Ballon's latest roleplaying book is "From the Files of Matthews GenTech" for the superhero role-playing game "Silver Age Sentinels," published by the Canadian company Guardians of Order Inc. "It's a blend of SF, horror and superhero elements put together as a tribute to mad scientists and mutant monsters (plus a dash of Cthulhu to get just the right flavour)," Bruce says. It has garnered a few Stoker recommendations and is on the preliminary ballot for an Origins Award.

Mark Anthony Brennan's story "Return of the Native" is scheduled to appear in the upcoming issue of Andromeda Spaceways In-flight Magazine. The soon-to-be-released Monsters Ink anthology will feature his story "Freezer Burn." His work will also be appearing in Here & Now, Shadowland and Once Upon a World sometime in 2004.

E. L. Chen has a short story ("White Rabbit Triptych") in the current issue of Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet as well as a short comic ("The New Girl") in Say...aren't you dead? She recently sold another comic (as well as cover artwork) to Say...why aren't we crying? and her short story "The Moment of Truth" will likely appear in the spring issue of OnSpec.

Candas Jane Dorsey was elected president, Susan Mayse vice-president and Annette Mocek secretary-treasurer of SF Canada at the annual general meeting held December 29 in Toronto.

Dave Duncan's latest novel, Impossible Odds: A Chronicle of the King's Blades, was published in November by Eos.

Matt Hughes's "very mild" horror short story, "Mean Mr. Mustard," is the cover story for the winter edition of Storyteller, the leading Canadian quarterly magazine of genre fiction. In addition, Matt has made his first sale to Gardner Dozois at Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, a time travel story called "The Hat Thing," and sold a third Henghis Hapthorn story, "Relics of the Thim," to Gordon Van Gelder at The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. Tor will release his novel Black Brillion in November.

On the suspense side, Matt sold a novella, "Muscle," to Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. It's about three socialite women who inadvertently find themselves hiring out as enforcers among the country club set.

The Stars As Seen from this Particular Angle of Night (Red Deer Press/The Bakka Collection, 2003), a speculative poetry anthology edited by Sandra Kasturi and featuring several SF Canada members among its contributors, was listed among November and December's "New and Notable Books" by Locus Online. It has also received several recommendations for the Stoker Award ballot.

Ahmed A. Khan recently sold short stories "The Maker Myth" to Kenoma e-zine and "The End" to Anotherealm (where it's scheduled to appear in March). Meanwhile, he's keeping himself busy with his Web site of short SF reviews.

Eileen Kernaghan has sold her third YA fantasy novel, The Alchemist's Daughter, to Thistledown Press; it will be out later this year.

Joe Mahoney's speculative fiction radio show Faster Than Light is proceeding to the next stage with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. "We're going to make yet another pilot (this will be number three)," Joe says, "but that's okay because this time it's more about establishing content and structure than auditioning. And it looks like we'll be given the time and money to do it up right."

Steven Mills's article "Story Resuscitation" appeared in the Spring/Summer issue of WordWorks.

Nina Munteanu sold a reprint of her short story "Angel's Promises" to Gateway-SF for its print issue #8 (Website Issue #9), scheduled for spring of 2004 (she thinks).

Sherry D. Ramsey's "On The Road With Fiamong's Rule" will be reprinted in the anthology Dark Highways, due out in 2004 from Cyber-Pulp.

Mark A. Rayner has sold his first novel, The Amadeus Net, to Emperor's New Clothes Press. It will come out "sometime early in 2005."

Spider Robinson has been asked by the Heinlein Trust to collaborate on a novel with Robert A. Heinlein. Called "Robert A. Heinlein's Variable Star by Spider Robinson," it will be based on a lengthy detailed outline Heinlein drew up in 1955--"Eerily," Spider notes, "the very year I first discovered his work, at age 6"--which was just discovered among his papers by the official Heinlein archivist, Bill Patterson. The book is being marketed by Spider's (and Heinlein's) agent, Eleanor Wood, using a proposal by Spider, Heinlein's original outline and handwritten index-card notes, and a 10,000-word sample Spider has already written. Spider isn't the novel's only Canadian connection: the novel opens in Surrey, B.C.

Says Spider, "No words can describe the flood of emotions I've experienced since I got the news--but joy unspeakable is definitely uppermost in the mix. Followed closely by mortal terror. My primary hope in this project is to avoid being torn limb from limb by the Ghost of The Beast. Pray for me, folks. And share my joy."

An interview with Spider will be featured in the February, 2004, issue of Locus Magazine.

Simon Rose's novel The Alchemist's Portrait received a very positive review in the Canadian Review of Materials.

Jean-Louis Trudel sold two short stories to the Italian magazine Carmilla. One is "Des anges sont tombés" (Where Angels Fall), which Jean-Louis says is "probably my most published (more than seven times) translated (more than three times) and pirated (twice) story," and the other is an original, "Soldats des bois, de la mer et du ciel" (Soldiers of the Woods, the Sea and the Sky).

Jean-Louis's short story "Le second carnet de Villard" (Villard's Second Notebook), first published in imagine... and reprinted in a French best-of anthology, will be reprinted in a "Franco-Ontarian anthology-cum-writers' repertory" sometime this year.

Élisabeth Vonarburg sold reprint rights for her story "Readers of the Lost Art" to a "fiction/theory volume" from MIT Press entitled reskin. Élisabeth notes, "I'll be rubbing shoulders with modern feminist SF luminaries like Raphael Carter, Nalo Hopkinson, Jewelle Gomez and L. Timmel Duchamp."

Edward Willett has sold his first adult SF novel, Lost in Translation, to Five Star. No publication date has yet been set. Lost in Translation is based on this short story of the same name, which appeared in the premiere issue of TransVersions in 1994.

On the non-SF side, Ed's children's non-fiction book Ebola Virus (Enslow, 2003) has been chosen as one of the 2004 Outstanding Science Trade Book for Students K-12 by the National Science Teachers Association and the Children's Book Council. His non-fiction children's books The Iran-Iraq War (War and Conflict in the Middle East) and Ayatollah Khomeini (Biographies of Arab World Leaders) are both now out from Rosen Publishing Group, and he's still looking forward to the spring release of J.R.R. Tolkien: Master of Imaginary Worlds from Enslow Publishers. In progress is a children's biography of bestselling SF and fantasy author Orson Scott Card, also for Enslow.